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Comments on the Charity Status of

 MacGregor Ministries


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


There have been so many comments lately on our charity status, both correct, incorrect, and just plain rumors and misunderstandings, that we want to set the record straight. Thank you for your sharing and caring.

First, the good news--we are still here, continuing in ministry, serving our Lord and Savior as we have been called to do for the past 30 years. Jesus is Lord!

Now the bad news. The Canadian Government has made it impossible for us to continue as a Christian Charity and not compromise our faith. They have shut down some 2,500 charities already over the past year for various reasons.

The government no longer allows critiques of other faiths, even if done fairly and documented thoroughly. Freedom of speech guaranteed under our Charter in Canada does not extend to charities I was bluntly told.

We tried diligently to comply with government demands, transferring ownership of our website and magazine out of the Charity. We agreed to teach only Christian doctrine under the charity banner, with all critiques of other religions done under a separate corporation. Surely this was enough! It was not.

We now cannot present Christianity as better than any other religion. We cannot be "persuasive" when presenting Christianity. As you know, we have been true to our calling to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ for decades, and we have done this with integrity. We have obeyed the command of God to defend the faith. After all, we simply respond to attacks on our Christian Faith by aberrant groups, which we carefully document and then respond to from a biblical perspective. We do so in a kind and respectful way, but with uncompromising truth. Our goal is to lead people to freedom in Christ. Praise God, thousands have been set free! However, this is not "politically correct" in Canada.

Somehow all our loving concern has been labeled "hate", and our presentations, "uncharitable". We have a growing pile of e-mails from ministries, Pastors, and ordinary folks who are outraged at the government's treatment of us. We have been requested to speak of our experiences on several talk shows already.

We have decided that no more of the Lord's funds should go to the expensive legal profession, trying to maintain the charity status of MacGregor Ministries. Sadly, our pockets are not deep enough to possibly "turn the tide" for the whole nation through the courts.

When we finally realized that we could not prevail, with great sadness, we wrote to the Charities Division of Canada and asked to be revoked as a Charity. What does this mean? The one thing it means is that we can no longer receipt you, our supporters, with tax-deductible receipts for your gifts, after the revocation becomes effective.

We believe our supporters will still help us through our corporation, MM Outreach, even without tax receipts. We trust completely in God to continue our work. We ask for your prayers over this time of transition, and thank you all for your encouragement and support. You have been such a blessing over the years.

We must now raise funds so that we can purchase our own equipment to continue. We must also purchase products that we created as volunteers, and gifted to MacGregor Ministries. How ironic is that!

We must begin again from scratch as all ministry monies and assets left after revocation are taxed 100% by the Canadian Government, or we must transfer our assets to a qualified donee Canadian charity approved of by the government. Either way, we begin again from zero, praising God as we continue to serve Him, no matter what.

So, good-bye MacGregor Ministries, the registered Charity, and hello MM Outreach, a Ministry Corporation! Please remember, no more cheques to MacGregor Ministries please, just to MM Outreach in both Canada and the USA. We appreciate your support as always, but especially so in this time of transition.

We continue to serve the Lord with no change in our dedication to Him!


Please remember our new website is

and our

e-mail is


Thank you all for standing with us in these difficult times.


In Christ's love,


Keith & Lorri MacGregor

Richard & Cheryl Schatz

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