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 MM Outreach News & Views #117 is now available. In this issue, subscribers will find articles about:

Unveiling Grace - The testimony of Lynn Wilder, former BU professor. Lynn is the mother of several of the Adam's Road ministry team. Micah Wilder came to faith in Jesus Christ at the end of his two-year Mormon mission. Lynn's new book Unveiling Grace, documents her journey to Christ following Micah's decision for Jesus that cost him his future in the Mormon Church.

The "Roots" of Experience - The Created Reality of William Branham and His Healing Angel by Cheryl Schatz. William Marrion Branham has become a super prophet and healer to today's New Apostolic Reformation apostles. Cheryl documents Branham's history and questions his many tall tales of his own history.

The Fruits of Experience - Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson and William Branham's mantle by Cheryl Schatz. Today's New Apostolic Reformation apostles are claiming the anointing or the mantle of William Branham. Cheryl exposes five of the bad fruits that have grown out from those who claim to have Branham's mantle. Very eye-opening.

Questions from Readers:

Waymen Mitchell's Potters House; More on Todd Bentley; Do you think Nebuchadnezzar is in heaven? Which method of interpreting Scripture do you use? Can a person practice just Yoga exercises? If Jesus died for all people what good is that for people who were in hell when He died?

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