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April 2003



Healing by "God's" Prophets
by Bob Liichow


"We bring this message to you for the sole purpose of assuring you that CHRISTIANS SHOULD NEVER BE SICK. . .that IT IS ALWAYS GOD'S WILL to heal you perfectly...." T.L. Osborn "Healing the Sick and Casting Out Devils,
1950: 13,14.

The above quote comes from a book written during the height of the post WWII "healing revival." T.L. Osborn is one of the few remaining men from that era, in fact, he was one of my instructors at Robert Tilton's Bible school back in the mid 1980's. T.L.'s rhetoric sounds great, that message preaches great, but the reality is that what they preach does not even work in their own lives. Daisy Osborn unfortunately did not walk in God's will as she died from cancer.

"God heals anyone who comes to Him in faith believing, nothing
doubting." Tilton, Robert, "How to Receive & Keep Your Healing,"

God is glorified through healing and deliverance, not sickness and suffering" (Hagin, The Key to Scriptural Healing, p. 17).

Mr. Hagin makes many claims about himself and his alleged supernatural abilities. One of these claims is that the Lord Jesus Christ gave Mr. Hagin a "special healing anointing" that works especially well on all manner of tumors. Allow me to set the stage. Hagin has been taken out of his body and transported to the throne of God where Jesus is personally equipping him for ministry! I'll let Mr. Hagin's own words explain it to you:

Then Jesus told me to kneel down before Him. When I did, He laid His hand upon my head, saying that He had called me and had given me a special anointing to minister to the sick. . . I'll go with you and stand by your side as you pray for the sick, and many times you will see Me. Occasionally I will open the eyes of someone in the audience. ..Jesus then journeyed with me back to the earth. . .My hands burned for three days just like I had a coal of fire in each of them". P. 54 "I Believe in Visions."

As you can tell Mr. Hagin would have you believe that he is no ordinary preacher. On the contrary, he claims to have had no less than 6 personal face-to-face meetings with Jesus! Jesus promised He would stand next to
Hagin as he uses his special healing anointing in praying for the sick. I wonder why this special anointing did not work on the following Hagin devotees:

Kenneth Hagin's sister died of cancer.

Buddy Harrison, Kenneth Hagin's son-in-law died of cancer.

Peggy Capps, wife of Charles Capps a close friend and associate of Hagin battled kidney cancer (medically treated).

Joyce Meyer, another associate of Hagin survived breast cancer (medically treated).

Dodie Osteen, wife of John Osteen a Hagin associate, had cancer, medically treated. Her husband later died of various other medical problems.

Betty Price, wife of Fred Price (Hagin's "son in the Gospel") survived cancer (medically treated).

Mack Timberlake, an Associate of Hagin got cancer and later died of complication (medically treated).
Edwin Cole, another Word of Faith teacher and Hagin friend, just died from cancer recently.

The cancer rate among these people is astronomical! What are the odds on 7 acquaintances, who live all over the country, and who are non-smokers and probably non-drinkers all getting cancer? The odds are staggering!

What is more puzzling is that none of these people were healed or delivered by "Dad" Hagin's special anointing His Word of Faith doctrines teaches that cancer is a spirit. Or if they did go, they failed to receive his special anointing. The dirty little secret is that when these great and powerful men and women of faith get sick they RUN to the best doctors their millions can buy. You do not see them lining up at Benny Hinn's Miracle Crusades. Nor do you see them searching out Oral Robert's and his hot right-hand on some golf course in Tulsa. Nope, they go seek medical attention.

My point is this: They preach one thing and do another. Schambach says, "all you need is faith in God," yet a year or so ago he got a quadruple heart bypass operation (from a human being not our Lord). These people are hypocrites of the worst type! I know personally of people who have died because they tried to follow the "steps" and "laws" taught by these frauds. Countless numbers of people have tried to put into practice their principles for divine healing and ended up beyond the point of medical help . . . standing on the Word.

Edwin Cole, who no doubt is in heaven, is just the latest casualty, proving once again that the Word of Faith doctrine on healing is bogus. I've known for years that being around Mr. Hagin's doctrine is very harmful to one's spiritual health, but it also seems clear that being associated with him can cause physical harm and death too. Like cigarettes have the potential danger of causing poor health and death, so too does imbibing his nonsense. Hagin's books need a warning label on them alerting people to the danger of following his doctrines.

Note from Lorri.
God can and will heal those whom He chooses to heal. It is His sovereign choice, not at the command of some alleged "prophet" ordering Him to do so. You can contact Bob at





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