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For those who have been involved with the original "Worldwide Church of God" church and sat under Herbert W. Armstrongs ministry please browse this web link below for information about the movement and one mans journey "Flying Free".


Flying Free

                            by John Morgan

                      Copyright © 2006  John Morgan


August 2006 

Flying Free, the Book on CD, is NOW available.

The preface, introduction, "Lara's Letter" and  comprehensive table of contents are all shown in the "Book Excerpts" and "Book Contents" sections of this website. Readers' comments appear below.

Flying Free Book on CD is affordably priced in an effort to make it as available as possible:

Residents of Australia, NZ, Asia and the Pacific...............................................$A10 including postage

Residents of USA, Europe and the rest of the world....................................................$A12 including postage

To order copies of Flying Free Book on CD, click on this email link:

In your email, please include the following information:       Your postal address and the number of Flying Free copies you require. Within 24 hours you will receive a secure "payment request" from Pay Pal.

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Book Review by Gavin Rumney:


Readers' Comments On Flying Free

From a father of 3 in New Zealand, who was brought up in the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) from the age of 7, and stayed in it for over 30 years -- leaving after "the changes":

Thankyou for the opportunity I have had to read through your book. I left the WCG a few years ago and have since then been going through the difficult process of being debriefed and finding my place in the real world. Your book has been a significant help to me as I saw so clearly just how much control over my life the church exercised ... I was shocked at some of the teachings I had accepted and after checking your reference sources always found that you had accurately stated the facts. 

John, it has been easy for me to deny just how controlling the WCG was under Herbert Armstrong's leadership.You have presented the facts so well and the book is written in an easy to read style. Being confronted with this information in such a balanced way has helped me to accept what I was involved in and to be able to move on without so many unresolved issues. Thanks for the book which I believe will be a help to others that like me that have had their lives controlled.


From a lady in New Zealand, who came in contact with the WCG at age 14, and left 10 years before "the changes":

I just wanted to write and thank you for the copy of "Flying Free".  As you know, I was a member of WCG for 12 years ... [After leaving] I had to deal with the fear that I was going to end up in the "lake of fire", as that is what we were taught happens to people who leave the Church. I spent many years lost in fear and depression without a future, and it wasn't until I read your book that I realised I had been ... brainwashed.  The relief was incredible.  There were a lot of things in the book which I didn't realise eg. where Mr. Armstrong got his ideas from, the changes in the Church since I left, the similarities to other cults and how the Bible was compiled.

The book gave me closure to an episode in my life which has been particularly painful.  I hope that other people in my situation can read the book and get the same release from a nightmare which I thought would never end.


From a mother in Sydney, Australia who spent over 12 years in the WCG leaving after "the changes":

This is a remarkably un-biased and brave account ...[including] discussion on a number of sensitive subjects.

It explains much of the background of the origin of the Bible, facts that many if not most Christians may not have knowledge of.

Without  malice it bravely exposes the past practices of a church organisation its members should have been privy to.

It can serve as a debriefing tool for those who have been members ....

It throws up the challenge to examine the essence of Christianity with an open mind and encourages the reader to not be afraid to ask the questions.

Not only have I found this a fascinating read, I am spiritually enriched by it.


From an "unconverted" husband and father in Sydney, Australia:

"Flying Free" to me was an eye opener, both on Worldwide Church of God issues as well as on Christianity generally.  I was never a member of the WCG but my wife was for 15 years. I have first hand experienced the huge impact of the WCG demands on our family life. This book provides a detailed account on the history of the WCG  which in parts  I found quite shocking. The question in chapter 4 "Was this a cult?" has been answered very clearly to me. However, of vastly wider impact are many of the issues raised in chapter 7 "True freedom in the light". I feel this should be compulsory reading for all Christians and their ministers. I find it disturbing that this information is not normally supplied to church members. 

From a mother who has been a Catholic for most of her life, living in Brisbane, Australia. She has never had any previous contact with the WCG:

I am...impressed with the extent of your research. I think the book is extremely well written and does provide a thorough history of the WCG and its doctrines. I guess if only one person were to read this book and be able to fly free of the fear and guilt imposed on them through being a member of a Christian fundamentalist church, then you have achieved something wonderful. I think the book will be successful in achieving this goal because...I could relate to the similarities in Catholicism. The book certainly gave me a sense of "you are not alone". Although I believe I have done a huge amount of work deprogramming myself from Catholicism, reading your story has helped me understand how widespread and damaging Christian fundamentalism is. Thankyou for the honour of reading your book.

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