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Jesus Christ as portrayed in the Books of the Bible



In Genesis Jesus Christ is portrayed both as the Creator God

and as the seed of woman.

In Exodus He is our Passover Lamb.

In Leviticus He is our Sacrifice for sin.

In Numbers He is the Lifted up One and the Smitten Rock.

In Deuteronomy He is the True Prophet.


In Joshua He is the Captain of our salvation.

In Judges He is our Deliverer Judge.

In Ruth He is our Kinsman Redeemer.

In 1 & 2 Samuel He is our Prophet, Priest and King.

In 1 & 2 Kings He is King of Kings.

In 1 & 2 Chronicles He is the Absolute Historian.

In Ezra He is our Restorer.


In Nehemiah He is the Rebuilder of our walls of security.

In Esther the Savior of Israel is our Advocate.

In Job Our Redeemer is the Friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

In the Psalms our Shepherd is the Song of the Ages.

In Proverbs He is the Giver of Wisdom.

In Ecclesiastes He is the One to whom life shall return.


In the Song or Solomon He is the Lover of our souls.

In Isaiah He is he Messiah, the Might God.

In Jeremiah He is the Righteous Branch.

In Lamentations He is our Lamentation. In Ezekiel He is the Son of Man.

In Daniel He is the Smiting Stone cut without hands.

In Hosea He is the Healer of the backslider, the forgiving Lover.

In Joel He is the Restorer.

In Amos He is the Heavenly Husbandman.

In Obadiah He is our Savior. In Jonah He is our Resurrection.

In Micah He is a Witness against rebellious nations.

In Nahum He is a Stronghold in the day of trouble.

In Habrkkuk He is the God of our salvation.

In Zephaniah He is a Jealous Lord.

In Haggai He is the Desire of all nations.

In Zechariah He is the Righteous Branch.

In Malachi He is the Sun of Righteousness.


In Matthew the King is the Promised Messiah.

In Mark He is the Servant of God.

In Luke He is the Son of Man.

In John He is the Eternal Son of God.

Through His power in Acts we see He is

the Risen and Living Lord.


Through justification in Romans we find He is our righteousness.

Through sanctification in 1 Corinthians we learn He is the Gospel.

In 2 Corinthians He is our Sufficiency.

Through His crucifixion in Galatians we find He is

our Rent Veil and our Liberty.

Through His position in Ephesians we discover

He is the Head of the Church.

Through the satisfaction of Philippians we find He is our joy.


Through the completion in Colossians we learn He is our life.

Through His glorification in 1 Thessalonians we look to Him as our Blessed Hope, the Coming One.

In 2 Thessalonians He is our Returning Lord.

In 1 Timothy He is our Teacher

In 2 Timothy He is our Example.


In Titus He is our Pattern.

In Philemon He is our Lord and Master.

In Hebrews our Intercessor is better than angels.

In James He is the Fulfiller of the Law.

In 1 Peter the Precious Cornerstone of our Faith is the

Rock of Ages cleft for me.

In 2 Peter He is our Strength.

In 1 John He is our Life, the Assurance of our salvation.

In 2 John He is the Truth.

In 3 John He is the Way.

In Jude He is the One who is able to keep us from falling.

In Revelation our Triumphant King is coming back

on His great white horse to establish His Kingdom

and shall reign over all the earth.


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