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For those doing research or investigating various cult groups you will find a wealth of information in these sites.

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For information in check these webs. RUSSIAN - SPANISH - HUNGARIAN - UKRAINIAN -FRENCH

This is a long extensive list covering many different ministries. For your convienience we have grouped the links for those specializing in......

Mormons Jehovah's Witnesses's Seventh-day Adventism

Miscellaneous Cults, Occult Groups Worldwide Church of God

Freemasonry 2X2's Cooneyites

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 Support Groups.....

Houston Support Group. Cult Prevention and Recovery Assistance Network (CPRAN). A non-profit corporation, located in Houston Texas.

For XJW's or anyone from other cult groups...... http://www.cyberpass.net/~h2o/wwwboard/messages/256964.html

Monthly support group. If you, or someone you know is interesed in a support group enviorment and lives in the Houston area, please call (281) 655-7235 or (832) 567-4856.

Are pedophiles calling at your door?

For further information

visit this web or call

1-877-WTABUSE = 1-877-982-2873




"THE BEREANS: Apologetics Research Ministry" Conducting meetings, seminars, specializing in the foreign cults coming to us in the Philippeans from the US and Canada as well as local groups. Free siminars for pastors and layleaders in cult evangelism. Contact by email: justyn@thebereans.net ..... Website http://www.thebereans.net

New Age & related topics

CANA http://cana.userworld.com Focuses on the New Age and the occult. articles on astrology, psychics, the occult, the New Age, Eastern beliefs, Reiki, Feng Shui, Occult terms, witchcraft, meditation, Yoga, Ying-Yang, and other topics, as well as some articles that have been published in Christian publications. These latter articles are reviews of some New Age books and an article on the first Harry Potter book.


MORMONS - Yes! We love the Mormon People!


Friend, have you examined your church objectively? Please, do not let a religious organization control your thinking. If you believe Mormonism teaches truth, will you compare it to the Bible? Think of the eternal impact upon your family if a church leads you astray. As a poor dying person may be fearful of a medical exam, people fear the truth due to religious conditioning. May God guard you from the bitterness that so easily follows deception! Do not react against God - the Father and Jesus Christ were not the Ones who misled you. May God bless your search.


This group is for individuals who wish to discuss issues relating to personal spiritual/philosophical/religious matters. All are welcome, however there is a focus on those who have left the Mormon Church, are still members of the Mormon Church and are questioning its teachings, or for those who have an interest in the Mormon Church.

No flames or personal attacks will be allowed, as this is a place where everyone may feel free to discuss their feelings and beliefs in a safe environment.

Censorship of ideas will not take place, however this group is moderated, and individuals that resort to flaming others may have their memberships revoked. The goal is to provide a friendly, safe environment in which to exchange ideas, insights, experiences and philosophies with fellow seekers. Welcome! ~~Curt Allred

LifeAfter.org/ Examining Mormonism from a Christian viewpoint.

Life After Ministries seeks to challange Mormon doctrines and works to assert the Christian doctrine of Jesus Christ, in accordance with the bible. Our goal is to help lead innocent followers of the Mormon Church out of the maze of lies that steals their salvation from Jesus and put into the hnds of the enemy. Email info@lifeafter.org

Life After Ministries (Email contact only--southern Ont. area)

Need help? Questions about cult groups? For those in this area drop a note off to Chris.

Mormon Quotes

Looking for a "Mormon" quote? Where did they say that, or who said what?

http://www.mormonchallenge.com Living Hope Ministries

DNA is the Achilles Heel of Mormonism. When the contents of this website break nationally we hope Mormonism will fall...and that is what we are praying for. Surrounded by Mormonism, God gave this small Christian church located on the main street of Brigham City, Utah, a desire to take a stand against Mormonism and love them deeply with the Truth. Living Hope Christian Fellowship has interviewed a number of the top DNA scientists in the world and put them on streaming video on this site.


Exists to give a biblical Christian answer to Mormonism. To educate Christians to the errors of Mormon theology so they are not confused by and or taken in by the cult. Also that they are equiped to confidently and effectively evangelize Mormon people.

ALPHA Internet Ministries

ALPHA Internet Ministries is a nonprofit user supported ministry, dedicated to providing an electronic pathway upon which our Mormon friends may find the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Berean Christian Ministries

A Ministry to Mormons: Buffalo NY area. Articles comparing the teachings of the Mormon church to their history and to the Bible. These article show how their teachings have changed and clearly are not Christian.

Mormon Research Ministries

Located in the San Diego CA. area, MRM has been challenging the claims of the LDS Church since 1979. The MRM Home Page offers numerous articles that will both inform the Christian and challenge the Latter-day Saints.

Saints Alive

Saints Alive in Jesus. We are an "Apologetics" group, evangelical in nature and generate research and study material, comparing cult groups with orthodox Christianity. While our major ministry areas deal with Mormonism and Freemasonry, Seventh-day Adventists you will find numerous other groups covered. Important information for those with families and friends involved in cult groups.

LDS History A comprehensive breakdown of Mormon history and belief system
Word For The Weary

Word for the Weary is a Christian ministry, located in midwestern America, dedicated to answering the challenge of Mormonism from a Biblical perspective. Our desire is to see Latter-day Saints come to a true and saving faith in the Biblical Jesus Christ.

Northern Lighthouse Ministry Based in Vancouver B.C. (help for those involved in cult groups. Read Al's testimony of his experience in the Mormon Church and how Jesus set him free.
Alpha and Omega Ministries. As other sites this includes tapes, debates, etc. "A Test Case Of Scholarship" - See the glaring errors in the "scholarship" of F.A.R.M.S. "Alpha and Omega Ministries responds to: 17 Points of the True Church" - Do they stand up to examination?"Temples Made With Hands" - Where does God dwell? "Joseph Smith the Translator" - His personal agenda."Verses Relevant to Sharing the Gospel with Mormons"
Tapestry of Polygamy http://www.polygamy.org/

email: exwives@polygamy.org

Evangelical Outreach. "The Book of Mormon" - Contradicts Mormonism!
Four sites for SPANISH and OTHER languages.




Recovery from Mormonism. "To Those Who Are Investigating 'Mormonism" What the missionaries do not tell you" - Are you considering joining the Mormon Church? Remember friend, if you believe wrongly, you will be wrong for all of eternity!"
http://www.mormonism-web.com/ Mormon Web Ministries
Biblical Discernment Ministries. "The Other Mormon Church (RLDS)"
Watchman Fellowship. "Testing The Book of Mormon By Moroni 10:4" "Reorganized Saints Build New Temple and New Image: Controversy Surrounds New RLDS Temple" "Doctrine and Covenants: Fullness of the Gospel, Where Is It?" - Why isn't it in the Book of Mormon?"
Word for the Weary. "Testing the Book of Mormon" by Robert W. Bowman, Jr. "The Susquehanna Affair" - Baptizing without authority. "When the Saints Went Marching Out" - How does the Legacy Film relate to this documented account of history?
Let Us Reason "The Virgin Birth" - The LDS Mary was an adulteress. "Mormons fail the test of the garden all over again"
A Close Look at Mormonism. "Egyptologists and the Book of Abraham" - If you have any questions about the revelations and reliability of the writings of Joseph Smith, this is a must see! "Joseph Smith's Alcohol Drinking Habit" - What do his practices infer about the "Word of Wisdom" (D & C section 89) or about "Jack Mormons" just drinking coffee?
Unlimited Glory Ministries "Reality" - See the LDS crime, moral & family problems.
More Ministries to Mormons. (Some may be listed above as well)

Alpha = Ministries= http://www.alphamin.org/

Alpha & Omega = Ministries=James White=http://www.aomin.org/
Berean = Christian= Ministries - John Farkas=
Child Protection = Project " information abuse
Look at Mormonism (A) Kinderhook
Freedom and Recovery = from Mormonism =
Freedom of = Mind Steven Hassan (Cult mind control
Helping Mormons = Reach Perfection
MazeMinistry= Mormonism (Online The Golden Bible by M. T. Lamb)
Mormonism = - Shadow= or Reality?
Mormonism= Examined and Compared with the Bible= Mormonism Research Ministry = (The) Bill McKeever= file:
Mormonism Web = Ministries= (Formerly Trust theTruth Association)=
Mormons in Transition (By His Own Hand Upon the Papyrus - book= online)=
Personal Freedom = Outreach=
Reasoning From the 20 Scriptures Ministries - Ron Rhodes
Spotlight on Mormonism Tapestry of Polygamy (Ex-polygamists) http://www.polygamy.org/
Utah Christian Publications - Marvin W. Cowan


Mormons / Jehovah's Witnessess


Tutors for Christ

The Jean Esson Story. Jean shares her testimony and book on the web. Former JW. Appeard on the John Ankerberg Show several times.

For JW materials Danish 


Berean Publishers

Bereqan Publishers is concerned with salvation issues. Without denominational bias, it seeks to provide a purely biblical perspective on each subject. It asks how salvation is gained, in whom we must believe, and what is the true gospel. It seeks to expose false doctrines and deceptions that prevent people from gaining salvation.

Witnesses for Jesus, Inc. is an evangelical, non-denominational, counter cult ministry that exists to educate the Christian and secular communities to the spiritual and sociological dangers of association in the Jehovah's Witness and Mormon religions, and to train and equip individuals with effective tools to constructively challenge members in these groups with the Truth found in Jesus Christ.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry:

Highly Recommended! This is a Christian web-site designed to help the Christian verify, establish, and defend his faith Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry teaches good Christian theology and exposes the doctrinal errors of cults like Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses. Additionally, it provides information on the New Age Movement and Evolution.

Concerned Christian Growth Ministry (A Christian Counter- cult Ministry) 50 Carcoola Street, Nollamara, WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6061 Telephone: (618) 9344 2200 Fax: (618) 9344 4226 E-mail: ccgm@ccgm.org.au W. A. (Adrian) van Leen, Director.

Encyclopaedia of Anti-Trinitarian Deceptive quoting! Jehovah's Witnesses, Christadelphians, United Pentecostals (UPCI) and Unitarians will misquote sources to "prove" trinity is of pagan origin and not a Bible teaching.

Apologetics for Christians Bible-based information on Christianity and the false teachings of other religions. We encourage you to use our website to learn how to share your faith to those in false religions by reading our articles provided or joining us for our Online Bible Study. May God richly bless you as you study His Word.

 Support Groups.....

Houston Support Group. Cult Prevention and Recovery Assistance Network (CPRAN). A non-profit corporation, located in Houston Texas.

For XJW's or anyone from other cult groups...... http://www.cyberpass.net/~h2o/wwwboard/messages/256964.html

Monthly support group. If you, or someone you know is interesed in a support group enviorment and lives in the Houston area, please call (281) 655-7235 or (832) 567-4856.

Are pedophiles calling at your door?

For further information

visit this web or call

1-877-WTABUSE = 1-877-982-2873



 Jehovah's Witnessess

Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses Forum and Recovery Site

A friends and suport group for those who have left the Jehovah's Witnesses or are considering such.

Tutors for Christ

The Jean Esson Story. Jean shares her testimony and book on the web. Former JW. Appeard on the John Ankerberg Show several times.

Watchtower Letters Correspondence with the Society

JWdom.org - Internet's largest collection of articles about the history, beliefs and practices of the Watchtower and Jehovah's Witnesses.
http://www.besked.se The Swedish word "besked" means "to make a defense" referring to what the apostle Peter wrote to all Christians in his first letter: "but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is inyou, yet with gentleness and reverence;" (1 Pet 3:15-16) The site extends the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to JWs, ex-JWs, relatives to JWs, and to Christians with an eager to win JWs for Christ. We are not JWs or ex-JWs but Christians sharing a love for the men, women and children trapped in the the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

We publish revealing articles about the false prophet; the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Central Christian doctrines are put in contrast to Watchtower teachings. Christians can get information on how to witness to JWs. Our most important mission is to share the gospel of the real Jesus Christ.

You can reach us on the web at http://www.besked.se or by e-mail at andreas.sjostrom@gmail.com.

Witnesses for Jesus, Inc. is an evangelical, non-denominational, counter cult ministry that exists to educate the Christian and secular communities to the spiritual and sociological dangers of association in the Jehovah's Witness and Mormon religions, and to train and equip individuals with effective tools to constructively challenge members in these groups with the Truth found in Jesus Christ.
http://www.towerwatch.com/ Tower Watch Ministries It is our prayer that this website will help Christians reach Jehovah's Witnesses with the gospel of Jesus Christ, enlighter current JW's and help ex JW's through the process of leaving the Watchtower organization.
www.tellthetruthministry.com Witness effectively to JW's using evangelism postcards. Low cost high impact. color coded, theme based system. email: info@tellthetruthministry.com
Christian X JW's A ministry outreach to JWs who do not believe the Watchtower is the "Truth" but who still believe in the moral values from the bible. From Florida. Features Message Board Club linked from Web.
Comments from the Friends Online quarterly magazine on Jehovah's Witnesses, also online bookstore, reference materials online. David A. Reed, EMAIL editor@cftf.com Box 819, Assonet MA 02702 NEW books, tapes, CD-ROMs at http://cftf.com

Free Minds Inc. Watchers of the Watch Tower World is sponsored by Free Minds, Inc., a non-profit educational organization keeping an eye on Jehovah's Witnesses and their current issues. Contact: Randy Watters, Manhattan Beach, Calf. (Bethel Ministries) EMAIL: Randy@freeminds.org phone: 310-545-7831

Free in Christ Ministries Assisting those in Australia who are or have friends/relatives who are trapped in the WT. Two support group meetings held each month in Kingswood and Albion Park, NSW. Non-denominational but Christian based. Newsletter available. Printed material to show witnesses available.

First & Last Ministries is a evangelistic outreach to Jehovah's Witnesses in the UK. We offer a a variety of tracts aimed at challenging the JW's on vital issues. We also produce a quarterly printed and online for those evangelizing JW's.Email us at <ministry@firstandlast.prestel.co.uk>

The Associated Jehovah's Witnesses for Reform on Blood, is a diverse group of Jehovah's Witnesses from many countries, including elders and other organization officials, Hospital Liaison Committee members, Doctors, and members of the general public who have volunteered their time and energies in an effort to bring about an end to a tragic and misguided policy that has claimed thousands of lives, many of them children. Will you please join forces with us to help save the lives of innocent children? Read some of their stories on our web. AJWRB - P.O. Box 190089 - Boise, ID 83719-0089 U.S.A. EMAIL:info@ajwrb.org

Truth Searcher - UK- Providing information and support for anyone questioning the teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses and other cult groups including information for families and friends of cult members. John 8:32 You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
On The Road Ministries UK Providing News & Information for Jehovah's Witnesses .
Gospel Outreach Ministries Online "This website contains numerous apologetic, evangelistic, and devotional articles that seek to provide a rational basis for the validity of the Christian faith, and that apply Gospel principles to Christian life. It also contains important information on some of the major cults of today and methods by which informed Christians can present the gospel to cult members; and research on special theological topics of interest to Christians today." E-mail: defender@gospeloutreach.net
Quotes for JW's Since 1879, the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society (the legal and corporate arm of Jehovah's Witnesses) has published millions upon millions of pages of information. This web site contains a collection of interesting or significant quotes from the publications of the Watchtower Society. In all cases, references are provided to the original work. All quotes can be verified by any interested person. The context of the quote has been preserved by including a reasonable amount of surrounding text.

Miscellaneous Cults, Occult Groups
(Dealing with most of the common groups)


Alamo Ministries Watch Verifiable Facts & Opinions www.alamoministrieswatch.com

Our goal is to promote awareness and understanding of the true nature of Alamo Christian Ministries and of the exploitation of its members by self-proclaimed "World Pastor" Tony Alamo. We hope to serve as a resource for victims, survivors, their family and friends, their advocates, and for anyone else interested in learning more about Alamo Christian Ministries.

The Truth about Deliverance Ministries

 Open Arms Internet Ministry is a free, online biblical counseling ministry that believes that the Bible really IS sufficient for the problems we face every day. We believe that the wisdom of God supersedes Man's wisdom and that God reveals this wisdom in His word, the Bible, which is "God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.' 2 Timothy 3:16-17

We work through Yahoo Chat, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and e-mail.

 Our type of counseling is slightly different than most biblical counseling out there. We are actually an apologetics-based type of counseling.

We believe that the basic problems people have go right back to our beliefs about who God really is. This includes dealing with sin in our own lives and the effects of the sins of others on us, as well as misconceptions and inaccurate understanding of God as He reveals Himself to us in the Bible.


The Eastern Regional Watch is a discernment/apologetics resource ministry founded on the Word of God, specifically Ezekiel 33:7; to stand watch and  guard  against deception, false teachings and the philosophies of men that  attempt to infiltrate the church body and to warn of heresies that have infected the church body from within. We are followers and disciples of Jesus Christ here to represent Him to others in love and in the fear of God with a message that is rightly dividing the Word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)


Are they Christians? Befor you can talk to them you had better know their history and what their theology is all about.

Refuge Ministries Dealing with the Occult, Wicca, Witchcraft, New Age practices.

The Creation Research And Apologetics Society of India has been active since 1970 in defending the Historic Christian Faith.

http://www.apologeticscourses.com Apologia: Free Apologetics Courses Download a large number of free apologetics and bible-related courses. New courses added continually

http://www.discernment.org Inner City Discernment Ministry Apologetics & Polemics exposing the danger of charismatic extremism and fraudualent televangelists. (Detroit area)

Let Us Reason WORD FAITH For lots of good articles dealing with the Word Faith movement and their unbiblical teachings
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute Monthly articles explore the classical questions of man, cults, the occult as well as address frequently asked questions of the John Ankerberg Show. This site offers quality discussion of many topics facing today's Christian church.

Apologia Report Dealing with New Age and many other oddball cult groups.

AFF Cult Information Information about Cults and Psychological Manipulation AFFs studies psychological manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements. AFF is known for its professionalism, for building its: practical educational services for families, former group members, helping professionals, educators, and young people on a base of scholarly study and research.
Bible Truth -- Contend for the Faith, Interesting topics examined include: Cults, the End Times, Catholicism and various doctrines.
Discernment Ministries Keeping on top of the latest fads sweeping through the Christian Church. It is the desire of this ministry to assist believers to assess what they hear, and test what they are taught by comparison to Scripture. Always, the Word of God is our basis, our direction and our plumbline. Check out this new site, lots of good information. Lapeer MI area.

http://www.factnet.org/ FACTNET International Families Against Cults of Indiana, Inc. is located in Indianapolis, IN. We are dedicated to strengthening the Church through training seminars so that Christians will have the confidence to share Jesus Christ with the cultist at their door. We provide quality distribution of counter cult information to alleviate the burden to local pastors.

Gospel Outreach Ministries Online Numerous apologetic, articles that seek to provide a rational basis for the validity of the Christian faith. Important information on some of the major cults of today and methods by which informed Christians can present the gospel to cult members. Research on special theological topics of interest to Christians today. Rolaant Mckenzie, Saginaw Michigan. E-mail: rlm@si.umich.edu

Institute for Religious Research This site contains useful information on many false teachings. They offer resources for investigating today's religious claims.

Let Us Reason Defending the truth of the word. Dealing with most of the common cult groups . Based in Hawaii.

Midwest Christian Outreach EMAIL: info@midwestoutreach.org Information on various apologetic and cult related topics. Produces a bi-monthly Journal. Operates several prerecorded help lines for Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons and a live line. Located near Chicago, IL, USA

Personal Freedom Outreach (St Louis area) Excellent resource materials dealing with the world of the cults, new age movement, and strange teachings going on in some "Christian" churches.
Religion Analysis Service A non-profit, non-denominational, Counter-cult ministry. Catalog of materials available, our Doctrinal Statement, etc. & about 14 links. Publishers of THE DISCERNER. PO Box 22098, Robbinsdale, MN 55422-0098. Telephone: 612-535-8715 (local calls) and 1-800-562-9153. Fax 612-537-5825. Two e-mail addresses. The preferred one is: info@ras.org. The other is: ras47@juno.com. W.A. BeVier President
Reachout Trust UK CHECK OUT OUR WEB PAGES ---EMAIL: doug@reachouttrust.org Doug Harris REACHOUT TRUST 24 Ormond Road Richmond Surrey England TW10 6TH tel: 0181 332 7785 fax:0181 332 0286

http://www.watchman.org Watchman Fellowship This site has a large comprehensive data base dealing with many of the little know New Age groups as well as the more recognized groups. Well researched materials.

Take A Stand! Ministries: Free Newsletter, Seminars (nationwide) and help on topics such as the New Age Movement, the Cults, Christian Apologetics, Bible Prophecy and Spiritual Warfare.
Christian Witness Ministries New Zealand - Australia web sites: CWM

Subsiduary (local) http://www.ozemail.com.au/~rseaborn/

email: philip.powell@christian-witness.co.nz

 Seventh-day Adventism

SDA Outreach An excellent source of research materials and help for those trying to sort out Adventism.


http://www.Bible.ca/sabbath.htm SDA ministry

http://www.christiancommunitychurch.us/dovenet/ ..... Dove Net Lots of good info.

Truth or Fables SDA ministry http://www.truthorfables.com/

What SDA's Need to Know SDA Ministry Lots of good information.


Questions about the SDA's, http://www.ratzlaf.com

Sabbath, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ellen G. White, the old and new covenants or desire information about Sabbath in Crisis or The Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventists: An Evangelical Resource, An Appeal to SDA Leadership, by Dale Ratzlaff, as well as a number of other books and resources, you have come to the right place.

The Ellen White Web Site "For there shall arise...false prophets...if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." Matt. 24:24


Ex-SDA Archives. Over 2000 pages of resource materials on Ellen White and SDA issues. http://www.ex-sda.com/

 Worldwide Church of God

Flying Free: One mans escape trom the original World Wide Church of God (Armstrongism)


Museltof Christian Ministries Help for those emerging from "Armstrongism'

WCG Ministry of Healing: An evangelical service focused on recovery from legalistic abuses through a focus on Jesus' grace and the support of others who have experienced the trauma of cult recovery. Specifically we relate the struggles and victories of ex-members of the Worldwide Church of God, their journeys of healing to deal with the natural feelings of grief and loss and reintegration into their families and communities.
Mark Tab Ministries Excellent resource materials dealing with the WCG, Philladelphia Church and other Armstrong splinter groups. Check out the "Links" from this site to many other ministries dealing with this topic.
Philadelphia Church of God Info. Exit and Support Network's goal is to spread the word of the true Jesus to those who were in the XCG and those that are still in. We minister to the deceived in these organizations and also to those who are recovering.



Freemasonry: Check out the links from this web for more contacts.

2X2's Cooneyites


For 2x2 info in German http://home.arcor.de/noname-sect/

Research Information Services The Two-by-Twos are the largest of three existing groups which branched off from a religious movement founded at the end of the nineteenth century by William Irvine. The other two groups are those who continue to follow the founder (known as "The Testimony") and the the followers of early "Worker" Edward Cooney (known to outsiders as "Cooneyites"). None of the three groups acknowledge an official name, although the Two-by-Twos' ministers have officially, albeit clandestinely, registered and incorporated under official denominational names for the group in many countries.

http://www.tellingthetruth.info/home 2x2s Telling the Truth: Extensive collection of 2x2 information, including early 2 x 2 historical documents, photographs and publications reprinted on their neutral, factual website. email: truth@tellingthetruth.info

The Cult Without A Name Ministry to 2x2s Cooneyites etc. They insist they have NO NAME!!! BUT. . . They quietly refer to themselves as THE TRUTH or THE WAY while "outsiders" most often call them Two-By-Twos or Cooneyites. Are they God's ONLY true way? Their workers (ministers) heavily imply they are.


Scripture will interpet Scripture when personal bias is left out of the deduction. Whether symbolic, spiritual, literal or whatever the interpetive method. Scripture will never counterdict when "rightly dividing the word of truth"

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