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When asked why Mormon missionaries recruit Christians. Mormon prophet Gordon B. Hinkley seemed to coin a clever phrase which Mormons now quote frequently: "Bring us what you have and we will add to it!"

Suppose we take the Mormon prophet's offer and bring him "what we have", and then examine what Mormonism could possibly "add to it" for our benefit? The following is a very plausible scenario. It would go like this:


We bring to you our God Who is revealed in the Bible and in the whole universe of Whom it is said "The Heavens declare His glory". He is the only God w Who was, Who is, or Who ever shall be (Isa.43: 10). He is eternal, all knowing almighty and ever present. His kingdom, and power is infinite. He spoke and all things leapt into existence.

Mormons, what can you add to this?


We add to this a God who was revealed to Joseph Smith Jr. (a known Occultist). Our God is " just one of many Gods who were formed before him, and many more Gods will be formed after him. He had a beginning and had to learn how to be a God. He can dwell in only one place at a time due to his limited physical dimensions (about 6 feet). Our God can be voted out of office if his subjects decide not to sustain him. He had to marry one or more women) to merit his godhood. His kingdom Is limited to "this world only " Joseph Smith said God never had the power to create anything, only procreate us and organize the universe from preexistent matter.

Mormons, have you added or subtracted?


We bring to you the Christian's Jesus. He existed from everlasting to everlasting (Jn. 1:1). He was virgin born when He left Heaven to die for us on the cross at Calvary. He always was and always will be God! the great I AM (Jn.1:1; 8:24). He created all things in heaven and on Earth, principalities (including Lucifer) and powers (Col. 1:16). He, (being the second Person of the Trinity and fully God) did this alone (Is. 44:24).

Mormons, what can you add to our Jesus?


We add to you the Mormon Jesus. He did not always exist, but had his beginning in the belly of a goddess in heaven. Lucifer was not his creation, but his brother. He had to be married so that he too could become a god with a little "g". Mary conceived him by having sex with the Father. Jesus organized the world by his Dad's Instructions, and many spirits had to help him, including Joseph Smith, who was his spirit brother also.

Mormons, have you added or subtracted?


We bring you the Christians salvation (you call it "exaltation"). It was finished, paid in full, on the cross at Galgotha by Jesus Christ. He left heaven to personally do that for us. He offers this salvation (exaltation) freely to anyone who will receive it. (Eph. 2:8,9) . We stand completely secure in this salvation for all eternity! (1 Jn. 5:13).

Mormons, what can you add to our salvation?


We would add the "restored gospel" of Joseph Smith. A complicated system of works and rituals which we call "eternal progression", or "exaltation". After wiping the slate clean for Adam's transgression, the Mormon Jesus' only "free gift" to us was a resurrected body. But no destination!

Jesus was unable to win for us Eternal Life on the cross. The physical resurrection was bought for us when our Jesus sweat blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. Then the Jews killed him on the cross. This atonement Jesus had to perform for himself also so that he could earn his way to become a greater god. After we receive the free gift of a resurrected body, which comes to all men, we must keep all of the commandments (3000 or more) until the day we die. We can never know if we have earned Eternal Life until we stand at the Great White Throne of our Mormon God, Jesus and Joseph Smith, for final judgment.

Mormons, have you added or subtracted?


Mormons, we bring you our Bible, God's Holy, complete and inerrant Word. He wrote it for us and all others Who would care to read it and study, it. Skeptics have never been able to prove it wrong. It declares itself to be completely sufficient in all things we need to live a holy life, pleasing to God and profitable for us. It has verifiable history, topography, and archaeology, and it fulfills all of its numerous prophecies. It has been passed down to us intact for thousands of years.

Mormons, what can you add to our Bible?


We add many revelations by Joseph Smith, needed because the Bible is missing many important truths, even whole books! We add another book called the "The Book of Mormon", which "is the most perfect book " ever written. (We would not mention that thousands of changes have been made in it in only a little over 170 years) We also add the Doctrine and Covenants (the D. &C a later revelation of our Prophet Joseph Smith. (We would keep from you that many chapters have "disappeared" from this book because of its many false prophecies!)

Then we add to you "The Pearl of 'Great Price another "book of`scripture " that we promote. It contains The Book of Abraham , depicting the experiences of father Abraham in Egypt. Joseph Smith translated this book from an ancient scroll which he purchased from a traveling Mummy Show in Nauvoo, II. (We wouldn't tell you that this book has been exposed and proven a fraud , Egyptologist have examined it and declared it a simple funeral scroll common to most mummies of that period. Knowing this could damage your faith in Joseph Smith!) Now we add all the writings from Salt Lake City in our publications from the current First Presidency . This can, however, be altered at any time because we only go with the current prophet's doctrines and teachings while he is still living. Nothing is exactly written in stone with us, you know!

Mormons, have you added or subtracted?

We could go on and on with what Mormons call additions, but no matter how they slice it, they would only prove to be more subtractions!

To the bravado of Prophet Hinkley, who has offered to add to whatever we already have as Christians, we would say: "You flunk math, Mr. Hinkley! Your additions to the mathematics of God's truth are nothing but the Devil's subtractions. Mormons you are being short changed! "

We pray for all Mormons to leave the delusions of Joseph Smith and his cohorts. and turn to the living Christ who is pure Perfection!

To Him nothing can be added!

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