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The Mormon Jesus Christ
The Biblical Jesus Christ

A created being: the elder brother of Lucifer Uncreated God Common (one of many gods) and, in some ways, of minor important in the larger Mormon cosmology

Unique (the Second Person of the one and only Godhead) and of supreme importance through time, eternity and all creation

Conceived by a physical sex act between God the Father (Adam or Elohim) and Mary, thus not through a true virgin birth

Conceived by the Holy Spirit, who supermaturally "overshadowed" Mary, thus a true virgin birth

Once sinful and imperfect Earned his own salvation (exaltation, godhood)

Eternally sinless and perfect As God, never required salvation

A married polygamist?

An unmarried monogamist


Mormon Concept of Deity

Biblical, Christian Concept of Deity


Material (a physical body of flesh and bones) Changeable, evolving Immutable Mortal, finite

Immaterial (spirit) Immortal, infinite


Physically localized


Polygamous or incestuous


Jesus was monogamous (celibate)




Tri-theistic (three earth gods)


Exalted saved man

Eternal deity

Eternally progressing in certain attributes (early Mormonism)

Eternally immutable in all characteristics


Feminine counterpart (heavenly

mother) Adam, once considered God (early Mormonism) Adam, a creation

No feminine counterpart

Jesus, begotten by Elohim's physical intercourse with Mary Jesus, begotten supernaturally by the Holy Spirit (virgin birth) Polygamous Jesus (some early Mormons)

Celibate Jesus

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