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An Examination....

You Are An Adventist ?.....


Before you Signed That Pledge,

Were You Told That ........

by Verl Streifling

 The SDA's Hebrew Scholar, Dr. Ray Cottrell showed "17 Anomalies" in their interpretation of Daniel 8: 14 and the '2300 days'? (evening-mornings)


The SDA denomination defrocked Dr. Desmond Ford for showing these very things which Dr. Cottrell has now proven to be true.


The SDA leaders now admit their prophetess Ellen G. White copied from other writers profusely, but without giving any credit while claiming she saw them in holy vision from God.


 The SDA denomination fired their own Dr. Walter Rea for revealing these very things which they admit to be true.


Former SDA Pastor, Des Ford has shown some 22 bad links in their' "chain of truth" that upholds their 1844 Sanctuary and Investigative Judgment doctrine.


He also showed 17 different methods the SDAs deal with "Lumps under the rug", to avoid correcting error?


The SDA leaders admit that from copying from other writers, Ellen White included their errors and contradictions.


The SDA scholars, made hundreds of changes in the prophet's book 'The Great Controversy' to make it more palatable, and less offensive to the Roman Catholic church. These included adding their own words, or deleting the material she had copied from one writer, and replacing it with other writers quotes.


They still hold that all she wrote was Divinely Inspired, though knowing she copied profusely from other writers -- even Catholics and The Book of Mormon.


They admit knowing there are 'serious - errors' in their authorized books, yet making no special effort to correct them. They let their ministers quote from these trusting them to be accurate and true, while their own scholars know they aren't.


Ellen White gave numerous false predictions or prophecies which they have denominationally minimized or suppressed so they may yet claim her a 'True Prophet' while knowing she's not!


Ellen White and the SDA evade her false predictions by teaching 'conditional prophecies" -- that all of God's promises and threatenings are alike conditional. So any time her prophecies failed the "conditions weren't met". Yet they don't allow this for other cult's false prophets!


Ellen White contradicts the Bible scores of times, like denying Jesus' Deity, and giving money for sin offerings, and if you eat meat. God won't hear your prayers?


She taught that Jesus' atonement on the cross was not complete, so that He will yet make another special and final atonement in heaven, after their 1844 investigative judgment has been finished.


The SDA's best scholars searched the Bible scrupulously for years to prove their "1844 Cleansing of the Sanctuary and Investigative Judgment" teaching, but in vain, so concluded it could only be upheld by accepting Ellen White as their inspired authoritatative re-interpetrer of the Bible, to make it mean what it cannot be shown to say by grammatical exegesis?


Ellen White contradicts herself in scores of places, & her contradictions cannot be resolved. So by finding the uninspired sources she copied, they hope to shine added light in grappling with her errors?


E G White's views were used to establish Bible doctrine, and no one may use the Bible to refute any position which has been established by her "Holy Visions".


Since the SDA Church has to accept as true everything Ellen White wrote, and since she has many contrary statements, the SDA has many conflicting positions in their doctrines, as the Sabbath, Who is Christ, etc.?


Since they hold Ellen White was equally inspired as the Bible, and since they've now admitted she's copied other writers including their contradictions and errors, the SDA now teach the Bible has, and must have errors and contradictions just as Ellen the 'spirit of prophecy`?


The SDA church is God's remnant church for they have Ellen, as a 'true prophet' and they have the 'seal of God' by keeping the Sabbath. Is she? And, Is it?


You must believe Ellen is a True Prophet, and the SDA is the remnant church, and belong to their church to be finally Saved --- for you cannot know you're saved until Jesus comes, and gives you eternal l Iife.


Though the Bible says we should worship God continually, or every day, yet if you do this on Sunday, you will have the "mark of the Beast'" according to Ellen White.?


Ellen White and the SDA teach that Jesus is Michael the Archangel, or a "Mighty Angel" (Clear Word Bible) and had a fallen sinful Human nature.


Ellen White & Deut 18:20-22 say if a prophet's predictions fail, they are a false prophet. The former SDA pastor Sydney Cleveland's book "White Washed" proves over 10 of her false prophecies, which couldn't be, and were not conditional!


Ellen White and Isaiah 8:l9 +20 say if her writings disagree with the Bible, there's no light in them. Isa 8:19 shows the inspiration is from a familiar spirit. Ellen has said it's either all God , or the Devil. there's no half-way in the matter. As she contradicts the Bible scores of times, and God speaks ONLY TRUTH, then Ellen and the Bible show she's not of God!

Also her many contradictions show she's not of God!


Would God tell her to take other peoples writings and say He showed her these in 'holy vision'? (Ex.20:15+16)


Their conditional prophecies and unmet conditions leave the SDA no reason to believe or even hope that Christ will soon return for them though they are called "Adventist"!

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