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This DVD has made headlines all over the US and Canada.

Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith

takes a firm, detailed look at the teachings of Joseph smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints otherwise know as the LDS Church. Using historical LDS church documentation this DVD compares Joseph's message with the biblical message of Jesus' teachings.

Was Joseph Smith a prophet or a deceiver? You be the judge as you watch this informative 90 minute production.



This is an excellent DVD to show to Mormons and to all persons involved in cult groups as well as Christian audiences.

Our rating!

***** ++


Lifting the Veil of Polygamy

When Brigham Young led his Mormon followers westward, polygamy was taught as doctrine... not as an option, but as a requirement for exaltation. Joseph Smith had

proclaimed it to be an everlasting covenant, a commandment from God Himself.

In spite of the modern LDS Church's prohibition of the practice, tens of thousands of Joseph Smith's followers across North America continue the practice of plural marriage to this day... out of obedience to the revelations and commandments of a self-proclaimed prophet of God.

Today, the mainstream LDS Church seeks to distance itself from its peculiar "fundamentalist" cousins who adhere to the original teachings of Mormonism, including polygamy. Nevertheless, many mainstream Latter-day Saints who seek to follow Joseph Smith more faithfully, find themselves moving into Mormon fundamentalism... and plural marriage.

So what draws them in? And what keeps them? And what hope is there for those men,

women and children--fundamentalist and mainstream alike--who strive to please God while living under the bondage of an impossible Mormon "gospel"?

By their fruits ye shall know them. This documentary examines the roots of Joseph Smith's legacy, and its modern-day fruit. We follow the compelling testimonies of nine former fundamentalists, who shed light on this practice and lifestyle which has been shrouded in secrecy since the earliest days of Mormonism; but more importantly, they share the true freedom they have found in the Jesus Christ of the Bible.

The Lost Book of Abraham

Investigating a Remarkable Mormon Claim

In 1835, Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormons) made a remarkable claim: he declared that an ancient Egyptian scroll he purchased from an antiquities dealer was a lost book of the biblical patriarch Abraham--a handwritten text dating back nearly 4,000 years! Joseph Smith claimed the ability to translate this scroll, and his translation, called the Book of Abraham, is part of the Mormon scripture today.

In 1967 the Metropolitan Museum in New York City made a startling announcement--they had discovered in their possession Egyptian papyrus documents that once belonged to Mormon founder Joseph Smith! Could these be the same papyri Jospeh used to translate the book of Abraham? Finally, modern Egyptologists could see for themselves whether or not Joseph's claims held true.

The Lost Book of Abraham retells the story of Joseph's amazing discovery and investigates the veracity of his translation. This compelling documentary visits prominant Egyptologists and scholars, both Mormon and non-Mormon, in an attempt to uncover the truth about this fascinating episode in Mormon history.

55 minutes Both English & Spanish



Faulty Fads in the Church

The Church is struggling today with serious infections. These infections take the form of various fads.  While outwardly professing belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Church is riddled with faulty fads weakening almost every part of her Biblical foundations.

Eastern mysticism has crept in, turning meaningful prayer meetings into mind-emptying rituals called contemplative prayer promising experiences of a spiritual nature. Feelings have often replaced the solid word of God.

Many Church basements are centers for the Martial Arts, where Christian participants learn mystical "centering", adopt physical postures with hidden meanings, and address their instructors as Master, bowing down before these teachers.  Adding the word "Christian" to these practices does not make them spiritually healthy!

Numerous churches have become "Seeker" Churches, disposing of the parts of the gospel message that might offend anyone's lifestyle.  Crowds come to hear contemporary music, followed by a feel-good message, and a perhaps even a "conversion" experience, to an all-accepting Jesus.  No change required! They now consider themselves Christians, but are they? 

This DVD examines various fads, and compares them with Scripture. The sound teaching in this DVD equips Christians, not only to identify and avoid popular fads, but remain strong in their Biblical faith.

For over thirty years, internationally, Lorri MacGregor has taught in churches of many denominations, Bible Colleges, radio, and TV, about the dangers to the churches of cult influence.  She has authored two books, eight DVD productions, and numerous booklets and magazines on the subject of aberrant teachings influencing the church.


Mormonism: Has Anything Changed?  

Is Mormonism Now Christian?

Two hour documentary challenging the new propaganda from some Mormon leaders who suggest Mormonism is becoming more like Evangelical Christianity.


from MM Outreach

Women in Ministry,

Silenced or Set Free!

Preview this program:


4 DVD set $35.00

Our rating!

***** +


Does God have a law that silences women in the church? Would God forbid all Christian women from teaching men in the body of Christ? Some Pastors answer "yes" to these questions and they say that scripture supports these restrictive rules. The passages that they point to in order to teach these prohibitions are also the passages that have been the hardest to interpret throughout church history.

These passages on the surface appear to contradict other clear bible passages that free women to serve without restrictions. Because of these apparent contradictions many Christians have ignored these hard passages and chosen to stick to only the scriptures which are much easier to understand. But is this right? Can we just ignore passages of scripture because we don't like them or because they are difficult to understand? This presentation will deal with each of these hard passages of scripture on the women's issue in order to help us understand God's intended meaning.

"Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free?" is a 4 DVD set covering 7 sections suitable for bible study groups or personal study. This unique DVD set is fast-paced and visually entertaining. Each disputed scripture is dealt with thoroughly and decisively to bring the viewer to an understanding of scripture which connects all relevant scripture together without contradiction.

This 4 DVD package includes 3.5 hours of teaching.  

$35 US for the 4 DVD package plus postage.  Order on-line using Paypal.




Signs & Wonders Movement -

2 DVDs = $ 25.00 US

plus postage.

Our rating!


The Signs & Wonders Movement

Exposed - 2 - DVDs


Many believe that we are the generation that will witness the return of Christ. Jesus said that those alive for His second coming would be subject to the greatest onslaught of deception ever leveled at the body of Christ - and that this deception would be predicated upon signs and wonders. For many professing Christians, this could be one of the most important DVDs you ever watch. The lies, deception, false miracles, and faulty theology of the charismatic movement are exposed.

This documentary features international Bible teachers and authors - plus experts from the world of music, illusion, and medicine - and combines their knowledge and expertise to present the most shocking expose of deception ever to hit the church. 2 disc set - 114 minutes plus bonus reels - nearly 4 hours total!

Our rating!




Jehovah's Witnesses

& The "Real Jesus"


Centuries ago the Apostle Paul gave a warning to the Church that there would be those "...coming to them, preaching another Jesus." (2 Cor. 11:4). That warning is up-to-date for the Church today. Our doorbell rings, and there stands a Jehovah's Witness, presenting to us the Watchtower's version of Jesus Christ.

Their "Jesus" is a secondary god, the Archangel Michael, and, for a brief time, merely a good man. They can quickly flip through their altered bible, "The New World Translation" and read isolated scriptures that seem to support their position. Christians without adequate Bible teaching can be easily deceived, and end up forsaking the Lord they love, for the Watchtower Jesus, and a life of cult bondage. Other Jehovah's Witnesses have never had the real Jesus of the Bible presented to them, and so continue to be lost.

What can we, as Christians do? We are instructed, "See to it that no one takes you captive through.. empty deception... rather than according to Christ. For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form". (Col. 2:8,9). The Jesus Christ of the Bible is truly God, and truly man. This presentation not only exposes the Watchtower misuse of Scriptures regarding Jesus Christ, but gives Christians a firm foundation for their faith in Him, and prepares them to defend the gospel.

Lorri MacGregor has been in full time ministry to the cults since 1979, and her books, DVDs, booklets and teaching tapes are well known for their direct, simple, clear, presentation of the gospel, especially to those in cult groups.


Our rating!




The Bible vs The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon claims to be "a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible." Both the Bible and the Book of Mormon delcare themselves to be ancient, historical, and reliable rules of faith...the Word of God.

Is there any evidence to support these claims...one way or another? Is it even possible to test a rule of faith? More to the point, is there any basis for placing one's faith in the Bible or the Book of Mormon?

It's an important question. It's an eternal question. This presentation puts the Bible and the Book of Mormon to the test. History, archaeology, textual criticism, and other disciplines combine to shed light on what is true...and what is false.

Faith need not--and should not--be blind. Discover which of these scriptures is worthy of your faith, and which contains the truth that will be a light to your path!

This is a new release from the producers of the excellent DVDs on "Mormons & DNA" and "Called to be Free"!

This is one of the most refreshing DVDs we have ever seen.

A must for those with families and friends caught up in a cult group. (K & L)


Our rating!



Called to be Free!


We saw many eyes that glistened both with tears and with a first-love excitement in Jesus Christ. They spoke of things like "grace" and "freedom" as new-found treasures, with an abounding joy that far too many jaded evangelicals have forgotten. No one with whom we talked was willing to take even the slightest amount of credit for what happened. Many of them told us, "It was God Who did it. How could it be anything else?"

When we look back, we realize just how brazen we were to even approach them about doing a video. After all, at one time the Worldwide Church of God had been a multimillion dollar international media empire. And we were basically two guys who had a video camera. And yet they said, "Come." Not only did they accept our offer to come, they bent over backwards to help us and accommodate us. They didn't so much as cast a reproachful eye on our ramshackle setup. They treated us with love. They let us into their fellowship. And we came away more blessed than we could possibly have imagined.

The miraculous transformation of the Worldwide Church of God strikes a chord with most Christians who hear about it for the first time. It is a unique story. It is an amazing story. It is a story that the Church "capital " C" needs to hear, that we might be able to rejoice in the freedom of God's grace, and shake off the shackles of the legalism and self-righteousness we all cling to in one form or another.

One theologian said in reference to the transformation, "Dare we hope that Mormonism could be next?" Dare we? We have long been convinced that God is preparing to do something in fact, is already doing many things to set people free from Mormonism. Dare we hope that what happened with the Worldwide Church of God could happen with the LDS church? Perhaps it is better to ask: Is that too big a miracle for God to do?

Now, as we pore over hours of video footage and reams of transcriptions, the daunting task ahead is to tell this miraculous story in such a way as to convey its power and awe. That in itself will be a miracle. But then again, we serve a God of miracles.

More details:

Dilemma Over Demons

The Church is facing a dilemma today, and that dilemma is over Demons!


Can a Christian have a Demon?

Can a Demon have a Christian?


Waves of new teachings are sweeping through the church, across all denominational lines. Emphasis is being placed on the demons through the teachings of the "Kingdom Now" theology, "War in the Heavenlies", Dominion Theology, "Joel's Army", and other similar teachings.

 Popular is "deliverance" for "demonism" of individual Christians, allegedly polluted through their bloodlines and "generational curses". Much time and energy is expended on the endless cycle of the "binding" of demons, even in Christian counseling circles.

 In this presentation, two questions are asked and answered: Can a Christian have a demon? Can a demon have a Christian? The Bible gives clear answers to both these questions. Lorri MacGregor, in Discernment ministry for over a quarter century, and author of two books, seven DVDs, and numerous booklets and teaching tapes, presents clear counsel from the Bible on these important topics.

 60 min.

DVDs: Most titles $ 20.00 ea.

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Teachers Manual.

Many churches have used this manual for effectively protecting people from the cults who come to your door. Be Prepared.

 (See also following item below) (Lorri MacGregor) $ 8.00


Pastors Pack:

The book, "What you Need to know about JW's,"

the 2 DVDs , "The Witness at your Door," &

"Jehovah's Witnesses and the Real Jesus"

and the "Teachers Manual"

$ 46.00

Seventh-day Adventism:

The Spirit Behind the Church

"For those who may agree or for those who strongly disagree, the viewers of this documentary will find it a most fascinating exploration into the cultic aspects of the teaching of Ellen G. White. Recommended for Christians who seek genuine answers based on the best scholarship and firm adherance to the truth of God's Word." Dr. James Kennedy. Ph.D., Senior Minister. Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 50 minutes P, S



El Espiritu Detras de la Iglesia"


Este impactante y revelador documental explora las ensenanzas de la Iglesia de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia, sus origenes y los cambios que ha adoptado a travez de los anos. Tambien examina los reclamos de la fundadora de esta religion, la fallecida profetiza Elena G. de White, y compara sus singulares creencias con la verdad biblica.


 If by chance when you were browsing for our web you came across a critique by a "Bob Pickel" about our DVD "Seventh-day Adventists" the Spirit Behind the Church" take a moment and read our response to him and his charges.

Reply to Bob Pickel


Aprox 2 hrs on 2 DVDs


(Save postage --order with other items.


Christian Counterfeiters

Since the earliest days of the Christian Faith there have been deceivers, presenting different gospels, with a different Jesus, calling themselves "Christian".

In the past, most Churches recognized the error and labeled them as "cult" groups to be avoided. These cults were obvious to all, and outside of the Church.

In recent years, an even more serious danger has come upon the Church. Heretical teachings are being pre-sented within the Church from pulpits, books, and "Christian" TV. Now, instead of being identified and avoided, they are being embraced!

This fast paced two hour DVD exposes the the old dangers and the new ones, using the Bible's warnings. There are six, clear Scriptural markers for the counterfeiters of Christianity. We have been forewarned!

Don't miss this exciting and informative DVD. The MacGregors have spent a quarter century studying such groups and present this message in a clear and unmistakeable manner. Excellent for Bible classes, Church, and home study groups.

(This 2 hour DVD is laid out in several sections to fit the time-frame constraints of study groups)

To preview this DVD on the web...


DVDs: Most titles $ 20.00 ea. (see listings below)

Discounts 5 to 9 - 20% ---------- 10 or more - 30%   

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Battling Over the Children

56 minutes.

A fast paced and hard-hitting expose revealing that life as a Jehovah's Witness is not in the best interests of a child. Deals with custody cases and much more. (Also available in secular version.)

Witnesses of Jehovah

58 minutes

Goes behind the scenes to reveal how the Watchtower Society holds tyrannical control over its members and the devastating impact it has on its members.

DVD copies have both English and Spanish versions.

Jehovah's Witnesses,

A Non Prophet Organization

Over l00 years of false prophecies, cover-ups and outright lies are exposed. Despite a well designed public image, this DVD reveals the true identity of the Watchtower Society.

45 minutes.

The Witness at Your Door

45 minutes

A dramatic presentation of how innocent people become ensnared by the Watchtower Society. An inside look at how the Jehovah's Witnesses recruit, brainwash and train new members. Teaches you how to witness at your door. See also next title below.

The Witness Goes Out *

(Sequel to WAYD above) \

A lifelong Jehovah's Witness finds freedom from the bondage of the Watchtower Society. Examines false teachings on: Blood Transfusions, Disfellowshiping, Shunning, the Military, and more. 48 minutes. 

The Godmakers

56 minutes

A documentary that exposes Mormonism as a pseudo-Christian religion. Reveals heartbreaking accounts of families and lives destroyed by the Mormon Church.

The Mormon Dilemma (limited quantities left)

67 minutes .

A fast-paced drama that will teach you how to bring a Mormon to Christ.


Temple of the Godmakers

An explosive documentary which takes you inside the secret Mormon ceremonies. The pagan nature of these rites and rituals, practiced by an elite few in the Mormon Church, are exposed here for the first time on film.

A DVD every Mormon should see.

DNA and the Book of Mormon

Totally debunks the claims in the Book of Mormon as to the source of the native people in North America. 





Catholicism: Crisis of Faith 54 min.

Goes to the heart of the question by investigating the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church from a Biblical perspective. (Lumen Productions)

8 languages on DVD

For those with Catholic friends

this is a must.

 Messages From Heaven

80 minutes

Reports of Paranormal and Supernatural activity are on the rise worldwide.

A Biblical examination of the Apparitions of the Virgin mary and other supernatural activity in the end times.

Tens of millions visit "apparition" sites each year. Does the word of God reveal the origin of these phenomena?


Freemasonry: From Darkness to Light

30 minutes

Breaks the veil of secrecy which has shrouded the subject of Freemasonry. Deals a crushing blow to the teaching that Christianity and Freemasonry are compatible.

Evolution Conspiracy

Unmasks fraudulent cover-ups, wild speculations, and deceitful myths that have been presented as the absolute "facts" of evolution. Should evolutionism, the foundational faith of eastern mystical thought, be taught in schools as science, when Creationism, the foundational belief of Judeo-Christianity, has been expelled?


False Gods of our Time

Biblical Christianity is logically and historically contrasted with the world's leading religions and philosophies. Filmed all over the world, this dynamic 4 part series provides an intelligent foundation for a belief in the Bible. All 4 parts are on one tape.

Halloween: Trick or Treat?


This highly informative DVD traces the pagan origins and history of Halloween. The Pagan Occult calendar of Druids, Witches, Pagans and Satanists marks Halloween as one of their highest "holy days." This DVD uncovers the mystic Druidic rites and ceremonies with which "Samhain" (Halloween) was originally observed 4,000 years ago. The occult rituals seen in this DVD are real and not re-enactments.

 Gods of the New Age

With explosive facts, it explains why 60 million Americans have been led to Eastern mysticism's "embrace that smothers," exchanging the certain hope of salvation for the hopeless cycle of reincarnation. Gods of the New Age reveals:

Why thousands of churchgoers have begun to believe the lies first told by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Why yoga, meditation, psychological therapy and self-help are turning millions to a pagan worldview.

How the west is being intentionally evangelized by eastern mystics and New Age visionaries.

 Psychology and the Church -

Critical Questions, Crucial Answers

FOR NEARLY TWO THOUSAND YEARS prior to the rise of modern psychiatry and psychotherapy, the church has ministered to believers experiencing mental, emotional, and behavioral problems by using the teachings of the Scriptures and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Contemporary Christianity's embrace of psychology, then, raises an important question: Was there an insufficiency on the part of God's Word and His Holy Spirit during those two millennia that made it necessary for the church to turn to modern psychotherapy in order to more effectively address a Christian's problems of living?

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DVDs: Most titles $ 20.00 ea. (see listings below)


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