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Do You know someone in a Cult?

One of the best ways we have found over the  years  to reach people involved with a cult group is to put literature WRITTEN ESPECIALLY for them into their hands.  This needs to be done personally, privately, and  anonymously. 

If you will send us the names of anyone you know involved with a cult group, we will do our part by sending the proper material to them. 

 No mention will ever be made of where we got their name. 

Please fill out the form below.  If you wish you may copy the following form and paste in to an EMAIL letter to us.

The names listed below are people who are involved in a cult group

Please send them tracts to help set them free. I have enclosed $5.00 per name to help with costs, for tracts. If you prefer,  we have also a $10. book mailout available for each group.

Info available for Jehovah Witnesse's, Mormons, (LDS), Seventh -day Adventists, Word Faith, unsaved ones, and many other groups.

Be sure and indicate which group. Thanks.


(Highlight the text below, copy it and paste it to an Email.}


Name of Group:

___ Jehovah's Witnesses

___ Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

___ Seventh-Day Adventists

___ Word Faith

___ Other group: name:_______________________

___ Unsaved--not a cult member

Person's name (please print)__________________________________________



If you have sent this name before, please check here so we can send other info____.

I enclose $______ for tracts ($5.); Book (or Mormon DVD) ($10.)

or provide Visa / MC #________________________ Exp. Date__________


To pay  by E-Mail using your VISA /MC . 

Card name/signature _______________________/____________________

Phone #_________________________________

We send out many mailings which contain no payment. Do you wish to

enclose a gift to help with this outreach? ___Yes $________.


Complete only if you wish: (optional & confidential)

My name_____________________ address__________________________

City_________________________ State/Prov._______ Code___________


Mail to: MM Outreach, Box 294, Nelson, B.C. or Box 454, Metaline Falls, WA 99153

Phone 250-505-5214 --Fax: 250-505-5215 --- e-mail: mmoinfo@gmail.com  




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