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 This article is written for those seeking information regarding life with a Jehovah's Witness believer, child custody cases, separation agreements, divorce proceedings , child endangerment from pedophiles, and elderly family members involved with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

For those who find themselves in any of the above situations, we have available materials to help you, or your legal counsel prepare for court cases involving Jehovah's Witnesses. It will be a unique situation for your lawyer, if he has never confronted Jehovah's Witnesses in a court of law before. He will be faced with situations out of the ordinary, and needs special preparation to be effective. This information will also assist child care workers, and medical experts.



You may no longer recognize the person you thought you knew. This person has been caught up in a cult group who does all their thinking for them. They cannot react to normal reasoning processes for several reasons, no matter how you try and talk with them. They cannot be reasoned with, and are no longer open to logic. The cult group's"reasoning" takes precedence in all matters in their life.

The member has been very successfully mind-controlled. They have given over control of every area of their life to "elders" of this group, believing this is what God (Jehovah) would have them do.



If the marriage has not broken down too far, and you would like to bring the marriage back to where it was before the involvement with the Jehovah's Witness, there are ways of reaching them in some cases, not all.

Some have made up their minds they want the marriage ended and are using this difference in religion as an excuse to get out. To try and save the marriage you must be prepared to help them. This takes commitment on your part. Patience is necessary.

First, as they were drawn into this group they were very subtly told that there would be "opposition" to their involvement with the Society from friends and family members. This is presented as being "Satanic" opposition to them serving Jehovah. Any negative reaction by you proves the cult right in their minds. Don't give the advantage to the cult!

They now believe that all opposition to them is from "Satan" and his evil world. (This means you!) They feel proud to be "suffering for righteousness sake". They feel justified in putting you out of their life if you oppose their "truth", or in any way interfere with their meeting attendance and "preaching" work.

They believe that the Watchtower Society is the only source of truth in the world today, and any criticism of the Society is criticism of God Himself. Bite your tongue!

Any printed materials exposing the organization etc. are considered by them to be "pornographic", from "apostates" and evil people controlled by Satan. Therefore, don't show them any helpful material you are receiving. Open a private mail box if necessary, or conceal any information you are downloading off the websites. Our website WWW.macgregorministries.org will link you with many others.

Watchtower Strategy # 1


Their first strategy will be to try and win you over to become a JW. This will be done by introductions to other Witnesses in a friendly manner, at your home or theirs, and encouragement by them to have you join in a "bible study" and attend some of their meetings. If done, you will be "love bombed" by other Witnesses to make you feel comfortable and want to be part of their group. They want YOU, but you need to carefully check them out.

Watchtower Strategy # 2


Secondly, if unsuccessful in winning you over to become a J.W., they will try to get you to tolerate your mate's J.W. involvement , including any children at home. As long as you don't interfere in any way with your mate's and children's J.W. activities, your mate will remain with you. They always hope you can be brought around at a later date. Your non-interference is no problem to them. You can save your marriage by non-interference, but your family will probably be damaged, so you should plot "guerrilla warfare" and get secretly prepared with information that will help them come out when they begin expressing doubts. Meanwhile, don't criticize your mate or the JW's at any time, especially to your children as this will cause them great distress. Be extra loving to your JW mate so that they will have a "safe haven" to run to when, in time, they begin doubting the Organization. Be "warm and fuzzy" to your mate and lure the mate away to do fun things as often as possible. These activities will contrast nicely to the drudgery in the Organization, and can be very appealing after a time. Once their "honeymoon" period with the JW's is over, it can be very dull and demanding for the JW mate.

Also, learn to be the "fun parent" to your children. Become close to them by taking them to do fun activities like visits to amusement parks, the zoo, play in the park, shop at the mall etc. In short, anything that is not the rigid, religious pressure they are under with your mate at home or at the Kingdom Hall. Do not, however, allow your children to have "sleep-overs" with other JW children as the Watchtower Society is a hiding place for pedophiles and you need to quietly protect them. (More on this later).

Watchtower Tactic # 3


Thirdly, if you just cannot follow the instructions in #2, and you cannot keep silent, then your home life may become so unpleasant you will finally leave, perhaps even becoming involved with someone else. J.W.'s then misapply 1 Corinthians 7:15, "But if the unbelieving one proceeds to depart, let him depart; " They feel very self-righteous at this point. Be aware that some mates wanted out of the marriage even before involvement with JW's and use the religion to leverage you out of the home. For the sake of the children try not to fall into this trap. It may be easier on you to leave, but consider the children first. If at all possible, stay and protect them until they are of an age to tell the courts they want to be with you.

If you do leave and get involved with someone else, this would give the JW grounds for a divorce, and leave them free to remarry a J.W. mate, leaving your children at the mercy of a step-father or step-mother. Remember, the pedophiles love the WT Society as they can function successfully within the group. Don't fall into this trap of "leaving" , if you want to be part of your children's future, or if you must leave, seek legal counsel regarding your children first. Remember, children first!

However, if you steadfastly refuse to move out or become involved with someone else, and are interfering in their attendance at meetings, you may find yourself alone in many cases. The congregation will assist the "persecuted" J.W. mate to leave you.

If children are involved the JW mate will feel they must take the children out of the home. If they don't, they themselves personally, including their kids, will lose their lives and be destroyed when "Armageddon" comes. In their minds, unless they leave the home situation and "evil opposing you" they would have no hope for any future life, and Jehovah God would destroy them all. They are living under tremendous fear. They believe "Armageddon" could come very soon, and they MUST take the children to meetings and out in field service door-to-door to survive. If you are preventing that, you will face the consequences. They are not pleasant.

We have heard of numerous cases where the non-J.W. mate arrives home to find an empty house, with mate, children, furniture and even pets missing. The bank account may be empty as well. Your children may be hidden with a J.W. family in another location, if they feel you may come after them. Your J.W. mate (or ex-mate) will desperately try and get custody of the children.

Be prepared for the worst. Many have faced false charges difficult to defend. They want to prove you "unfit" as a parent. You will need strong character witnesses who have observed you with your own children. At the very least, J.W.'s will seek joint custody with the equal right to teach the children their religion. At their disposal will be their own legal experts and your mate and children will be coached in what to say in court. Lack of preparation on your part or your lawyers will lose you your children! Learn their tactics!

They will have no hesitation about lying, even under oath. They have a doctrine called "Justified Lying", teaching that you only have to tell the truth to those "who are entitled to it" . They engage in "theocratic warfare" where lying is approved of by God, according to them!

The courts, legal system, family care workers, the non-JW mates etc., because of their resistance to, or not being part of "Jehovah's" organization, do not deserve to know the truth. In Jehovah's Witness thinking, others are of Satan and it's okay to lie to them to protect "Jehovah" and his organization on earth. (The Watchtower Society). Be prepared for this. It will happen.

All sorts of things will be told to the children to scare them away from any involvement with"evil" you. They will be coached on what to say about you in court. Even if the courts forbid religious things being taught to the kids during visitation times, the children will be instructed to "hate" you because you are opposing and not part of God's organization.

Do not answer back or display hate yourself. Be the loving parent at all costs. The children will prefer you in time, especially as they grow older.



For those who have children or other family members involved with JW's, and living in your home, much of the above applies to them also. If they are living at home you will have to be very careful in how you approach the subject of their involvement with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Any negative criticism of the "organization" by you will prompt the elders to encourage the child to leave home if they are old enough. Often they will be moved into a strong JW family's home until they can get a job and be self -supporting. Many relationships are broken in this way. Don't drive your child out of your home. Find other ways to deal with his J.W. involvement. Once they are out of your home they will be instructed to have no further contact with you. They could also be in danger of pedophiles operating within the Organization, so keep your children with you at all costs.



Pedophiles have found the Watchtower Society a good place to prey on children. If the child reports the abuse to the parents and they go to the elders, a very unpleasant situation develops. The child is forced to face the abuser in a committee hearing. The elders ask the abuser if he committed the abuse on the child. Of course, the pedophile denies the crime. The child and the parents (if they even believe the child!) are asked to produce two eye-witnesses to the crime. Of course they can't. Few pedophiles commit their dirty deeds in front of witnesses! The child is sometimes accused of lying. The parents are told to keep silent and not to bring reproach on Jehovah's organization. Often if a parent or step-parent is the abuser, the child is sent right back into the home and the abuse goes on, sometimes for years.

If the elders do suspect the pedophile (usually only after numerous complaints) they may remove his privileges in the congregation but no public warning is given, so he is free to keep abusing as no one is talking, for fear of being disfellowshipped themselves! Authorities are seldom notified. Parents who have gone over the heads of elders and reported abuse to the police are often disfellowshipped for "slander". This is almost unbelievable, but true! The two-witness rule keeps these pedophile criminals in business within the protection of the Society. It is truly shameful.

If the pedophiles abuse is blatant and he feels there is too much suspicion of him, he merely moves to another congregation and starts over. You need to protect your children from these dangers. Don't allow sleep-overs at a JW home. The Kingdom Hall is safer but many children were abused in the washrooms and basements. Make sure your children understand what pedophiles do, so they can tell you if necessary.

This pedophile situation is so bad that it is finally being made public. We invite you to visit the website, www.silentlambs.org and write to them at Silentlambs, Box 311, Calvert City, KY 42029, USA. The e-mail address is info@silentlambs.org; the phone line is 1-877-WTABUSE.



If parents or the elderly get caught up, do some research and understand the problems before jumping in too quickly. Aging parents living on their own are especially vulnerable. Jehovah's Witnesses will make friends with them during their door to door visitations.

Lonely elders usually welcome J.W.'s. Friendships develop over the visits. Jehovah's Witnesses are always looking for places for their full-time "pioneers" to live. Often these J.W.'s begin by doing odd jobs for the elderly. Later, they suggest they "move in" and care for the elderly in exchange for room and board. If the elderly parent does not have them move in, they still continue their influence in their lives.

JW's will lavish lots of attention on the lonely elderly one, patiently studying with them, and taking them out to meetings and the service, and to social gatherings. The idea is planted that they care more for the elderly one than his/ her own family does. Often the family is some distance away and has no idea what is going on. Families have reported to us that they unknowingly let their elderly parent fall into the hands of the JW's because it was so convenient to let the JW's look after errands, yard work etc., and they couldn't see the harm at the time. They certainly did later!

Once JW's solidly "convert" the elderly one, the idea is subtly presented, "wouldn't it be nice to leave your estate to God's work? After all, we are your family now, and why have your estate go to the worldly ones (your family)? They'll just die at Armageddon anyway, and it will be wasted. Wouldn't Jehovah be pleased if your estate furthered the preaching work?" Often it is pointed out that if the elderly one is too frail for going door to door to earn their salvation, then funding others to go is a good substitute. The elderly one really wants salvation so is especially vulnerable to this kind of persuasion.

Once the elderly person is agreeable, the Society moves quickly. Often, there is no waiting for death and a Will to be possibly contested. The Society gets a power of Attorney and quickly disposes of assets, often unknown to the elderly one and completely unknown to the family. Many elderly people have signed over their homes and other assets completely to the Society. The Society makes sure it is all done very legally, with a lawyer present to prove they are of sound mind when any paper work is done. It is almost impossible to have a court overturn these documents at a later date.

These proceedings are quietly done, sometimes years before the demise of the elderly one. Often a power of attorney enables the Society to empty all bank accounts and dispose of assets well before the death of the elderly one. By the time the funeral comes, it is often a "done deed".

Usually family members find out only after the funeral that all is gone from Mom or Dad's estates. Even personal mementos, photographs, and keepsakes of little value etc. are withheld from the grieving families by the Society. Often the family is locked out of the family home when they arrive. In extreme cases, the family is not notified until days or weeks after the funeral.

If you have parents in a vulnerable position be sure to check out the parent's wishes and Wills etc., while there is still time and they are of sound mind. If you find out there has already been involvement with the Jehovah's Witnesses you may be able to make changes before it's too late.

Get professional legal advise immediately. If possible, have their assets safe-guarded in some way, perhaps in an IRREVOCABLE Trust, with a family member as trustee. Secure an IRREVOCABLE Power of Attorney yourself and make sure your parent's banks etc. are advised to notify you of anything suspicious.



If you find yourself in any of the positions discussed in this booklet, you will need, not only physical strength and legal assistance to deal with the Jehovah's Witnesses and their tactics, you will need spiritual help to see you through.

Contact your Pastor and see if he can help, or write us for further help in this area. We may be able to refer you to personal contacts in your area.

You and your legal counsel must understand what you are dealing with. J.W.'s may bring in their legal experts from "Head Office". In any case your mate's lawyer will be getting his instructions from there. If necessary they will pay the legal bills for your mate. (only after their personal finances and free government assistance are gone). Expect many delays and outrageous charges. These proceedings are deliberately set up to frustrate you and break you financially so you will give up and they can have their way.

Write to us for a free price list of our resources to assist you. For Lawyers we recommend "The Legal Pack," containing complete documentation from JW sources on how to defend your clients in court and how the JW's instruct their lawyers to come against you.

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