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In days of yore, namely eighteen-seventy-four,

Charles Russell toiled mightily

To set a date, and not be late,

for the last generation.

He predicted doom and gloom

(Except when busy in Rose Ball's room).


He had his head read, and was relieved to find

He was not to be stopped by the "shape" of his mind.

No "smoke on the brain" like "Christendom"

No "biting worms" to upset his tum.


He pondered and figured and measured the pyramids,

He consulted the Adventists and had no fear

amidst his devoted believers who loved their "Pastor"

He set "God's date" and looked for disaster.


Sez he, it's near and have no fear, I know when it all will happen,

1914 is the time the last generation will END,

The millennium will come in then preceded by Armageddon.


Oh, cold cruel day, one might say,

When Christ failed to come on time.

No battle, no woe, no Armageddon, no show,

Oh, where was a believer to go? Charles did not blink,

he took time to rethink,

He pondered night and noon his false hopes defeated,

An escape clause was needed,

Not later, not never, but soon!


Eureka, he had it! He'd make the false true!

He'd finagle and alter an item or two.

Christ really came, but you doubters can't see,

Because he came invisibly!


1914 was right after all!

Charles Russell was still winning,

But instead of it being the absolute end,

It was really just the beginning!


Oh the "new light", the "brighter path",

Oh the escaping of God's wrath.

"Eyes of understanding" were focused alone,

On an invisible Christ on an invisible throne.


1914 became a "marked year"

Christ was "present" so have no fear,

The end would come within one generation.

Get busy in service and warn the nation!


Alas Charles died in 1916, in a toga on a train.

A power struggle then began leaving many a grudge,

On the top of the heap, casualties under his feet,

Here comes the judge!


Overpowering, controlling, greedy for power,

Rutherford proclaimed "this is the hour",

Preach the "last Generation", I'm telling you--do as I say,

and not as I do!


Under this tyrant, the workers toiled,

Everyone did as told,

Having no children, forsaking their families,

Shaped into Rutherford's mold.


Judge Rutherford now

had the "light" for the time for the end of the world

1925 was the date

That he so proudly unfurled.


In San Diego a mansion took shape,

With a Cadillac parked inside the gate.

He built this grand mansion for "worthies of old",

But moved there himself when the weather turned cold.


For the workers, no rest, but the same old regime,

Their child-bearing years were now just a dream.

Still they persisted as the years went on,

Mouthing their "last generation" song.


Oh false prophet yet again!

Didn't anyone feel their pain?

Still, they believed in the "last generation"

Dying, believing as before Some went to jail,

but none went to war.


As Russell before him,

Rutherford died,

Cover up that both had lied!

What's this? A new Prophet, name of Knorr,

God's organizational man, now brought to the fore.


Only "months" till Armageddon, and he would lead them through.

Stubborn, and strong, But he, too, was wrong

The "generation"?-- embarrassingly l-o-n-g.


He put tools in their hands like a brand new "bible"

Altered of course, to ensure their survival,

Of false doctrines on Christ, death, and the grave,

No scholars, no authors, no message to save.


When numbers were dwindling, they were jolted alive,

By setting the date, 1975.

New life in the group! New quotas to meet!

Knock on more doors, and stand in the street!


You're the "last generation" So sell our publications,

Better off at assemblies Than any vacations!


Mortgage your home! Get your hoard from the attic

Get in line, be theocratic!

Bible studies?-- just six months,

Sell your home and move, Serve where the need is greater

Become a worldly-hater.


1975 came and went--oh pitiful situation,

God began raising up an "apostate" generation!

These "evil slaves "and their unpardonable sin,

Of checking the Watchtower, and the prophecies therein!


They knew they'd been lied to, and many walked away,

Most read the bible for themselves

And even learned to pray.

Some found the real Jesus, truly God, truly man

And with His help and blessing, the rescue work began.


They had the nerve to go public,

TV, radio, pickets and phone

And many who were suffering found they were not alone.

No longer in fear, but out of love, They looked,

not to Brooklyn, but above.


Knorr was dead, and in his stead,

Franz now ran the show.

Back-peddling became his lot, "excuses" for the past.

He could not stem the exodus of believers with the facts.


First, In 1914, you had to be just "ten",

To be the " last generation" to see Armageddon.

Oops! Getting old, just be "born" that year

You'll never die before it's here!


1914, 1925, 1975 and the 'forties,

We'll explain away another day

With Adam, and Eve, and their lost years,

But be prepared, we might shift gears!


Your years are "seventy or eighty",

(if you have "special mightiness"),

14 plus 80 is 1994,

Oops! Look out! Out of time once more!


Franz harshly punished dissidents with disfellowshipping rules.

He clung to 1914 while he ran his "ship of fools".

Families divided through vales of tears,

Unresolved problems, down through the years.

Surviving to the very end of the very last generation,

he was powerless to stop it

Death branded him a failure and a proven, lying prophet.


Enter Henchel, to head up the force,

Always a yes-man, saying "of course",

Parroting Franz, towing the line,

The Last Generation suited him just fine.


Other problems arose with the governing body.

Age overtook them, leaving them dotty.

New blood was brought in, not even the "remnant",

Would this new outlook make them repentant?


Save your breath to cool your soup!

Instead of repenting, up comes this "scoop",

Announcing NEW LIGHT-- Please raise the curtain!

How long's a generation? They can't be certain!


To 1914 they continue to cling,

(can't risk more sheep going missing).

However, the last generation is now " indefinite",

They just couldn't make the scriptures "fit".


Oh, woe! Oh disappointment!

Oh, egg on every face,

One hundred years of false prophesying

And the world is still in place!


Another facet of this "light" puts all their work in vain...

They thought they were separating sheep and goats

But weren't, so wrong again!


Unless, unless, new light appears

and then they all will find,

The slave is up to his old trick of playing with their minds.


Look at your copy of "Awake",

and this truth you will glean,

Missing from your masthead,

The year, Nineteen-fourteen!


Pertinent questions are called

for here Jehovah's Witnesses far and near,

Getting a little long in the tooth?,

Can you really swallow another "truth"?


We beg you please, on bended knees

To finally "awake"!

Forsake the Watchtower and its lies, and turn away from error,

Find truth in Jesus Christ instead, and be His truth's torch-bearer.


Read the Bible by itself,

Choose a reliable translation,

And you will find out for yourself,

The truth for this generation.

You need to be set free from fear,

And the shunning of cruel men,

You need to invite the Savior in, and be truly born again.


This is the time to rise and fight,

Test all things,

prove what is right.

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