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  Why do Jehovah's Witnesses

Call at Your Door?

They are raising money for their publishing organization by asking you for contributions for their magazines, the Watchtower and Awake!, or other items, but what they really want is YOU.

They practice very hard at their local church (called a Kingdom Hall), to impress you with their honesty and sincerity as "bible teachers". They will offer you a "free home bible study". It's really not free in the long run, and their "bible" is doctored to reflect their beliefs.

If you have been recently traumatized by divorce, death, financial woes, or dissatisfaction with life, you are a candidate to become a JW. They are looking for those vulnerable enough to be attracted by their message of a "new paradise earth" where troubles disappear. The only way in, according to them, is through their organization.

Want to become a Jehovah's Witness? Here are the true facts about what your life will be like. All these facts can be documented from their own literature.

1. BE PREPARED to believe that JW's alone are of God. All other religions, in fact, all non-JW's are of the devil. No exceptions.

2. BE PREPARED to become an extremely negative person, except about the Watchtower organization, where you will have to be extremely positive. (No criticism allowed).

3. BE PREPARED to give your entire patriotic feelings to the Watchtower (WT) organization. since you will not be able to serve in any branch of the armed forces, or work as a civilian on any base. All employment must meet with WT approval .

4. BE PREPARED to never again salute the flag, or stand for a national anthem, or express nationalistic feelings of any kind.

5. BE PREPARED to no longer vote, or have political opinions. Condemnation of all (except the WT) is the order of the day.

6. BE PREPARED at work. If your job involves confidentiality, such as employment in a doctor's or lawyer's office, you will be expected to break that confidentiality to report on any JW patient to the elders. (Example, an unmarried JW woman may want birth control pills etc. ). Innocent employers have been sued.

7. BE PREPARED to forget about having a normal childhood for your children. They will be expected to set their sights on a life of full-time service to the Watchtower Organization. They will practice all their growing-up years, by sitting quietly at the meetings five times a week with you, and accompanying you as you knock on doors with the WT's literature.

8. BE PREPARED to forbid or discourage your children from the following activities after-school sports, having non-JW friends as playmates, joining the YM/YWCA, school dances, voting in school elections, all dating, except for JW 's, and then only if marriage is intended.

9. BE PREPARED to forbid the doctors from administering a life-saving blood transfusion to your child or yourself. Vaccinations and organ transplants were forbidden at one time too, but the WT often changes its mind. Wouldn't it be a shame if you allowed your child to die, and then the WT changed its policy? Many have had this experience already.

10. BE PREPARED to defend the WT Organization about its false prophecies. It has set the date for the end of the world for 1914, 1915, 1918, 1925, the 1940's, 1975. Armageddon is now expected "any moment", but don't be too sure, with their track record. Incidentally, their doctrines change regularly too, so don't become too convinced too fast. It's called "new light".

11. BE PREPARED to lie in court, under oath, if called upon to do so by your elders. If you and your minor children are involved in a child custody case, your children too will be coached by the JW elders to misrepresent their lifestyle under oath. After all, the court system is under the influence of the devil, so its okay--perjury and fraud not withstanding!

13. BE PREPARED to really hate everything but the WT Organization, and especially hate anyone who has the nerve to up and leave. (the dreaded "apostates"). There is no honorable way out of the WT organization. Not only will you be expected to shun and ignore anyone leaving (even family members), but the literature directs you:

"We must hate in the truest sense, which is to regard with extreme and active aversion, to consider as loathsome, odious filthy, to detest."

14. Maybe you don't want to become a JW, and would prefer they NOT call at your door. If so,

BE PREPARED-- just affix a sticker, "No Visits by Jehovah's Witnesses, Please". If they do still call once, after the sticker is up, hand them this tract. They won't be back. If you need a free sticker for your door, or extra tracts, just write to us.

We are a non-profit group assisting Jehovah's Witnesses to escape their WT bondage, and assisting others with factual information about their JW relatives and friends. We offer a large assortment of Videos, audio tapes, books, booklets, and tracts on the subject. Please write for a free catalog, or we'd be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

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