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Who is Rick Warren.........

and where is he leading the church?

In the Christian world today there is much hype over the ministry of Rick Warren and his "Purpose Driven Church" which has been sweeping across all denomination lines. At the same time there has arisen a concern from many Christians who believe the Purpose Driven Church programs are going way beyond the scriptures and that we need to carefully test everything against God's word to make sure that the teachings are of God.

Is the Purpose Driven Church program a sound scriptural approach? We need to examine and weigh the evidence brought forth in these books for ourselves. The authors of the two books below have been concerned enough to examine the problem issues they see. Although some might think a few of their claims are stretching things on some points, both of the authors have identified in their own ways some very serious problems with Rick Warren's purpose Driven Church programs.

If you have felt uncomfortable when involved in the Purpose Driven Church programs, these books will answer your questions.These are books every concerned Christian should read and evaluate for themselves and then pass on to their pastors and those in leadership in their churches.

Deceived On Purpose

by Warren Smith: A Book Review

An online news service article written by Vicki Cessna of  Religion News Service, describes Rick Warren's book, The Purpose-Driven® Life, with this headline: "THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN® LIFE AUTHOR RICK WARREN EMBARKS ON A CELEBRATION TOUR: NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER HITS 18.9 MILLION MARK AT TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY." The reporter goes on to say:

The Purpose-Driven Life is the bestselling hardback nonfiction book in history and has been a mainstay on numerous bestseller lists, including USA Today, Publishers Weekly and The New York Times, where it has remained for more than 87 consecutive weeks, hitting the No.1 spot over 20 times. It has been named Book of the Year twice, in both 2003 and 2004, by the Christian Booksellers Association. New Man magazine readers voted it Book of the Decade.

Warren is well known as a spiritual and social entrepreneur. Peter Drucker has called him "the inventor of perpetual revival," and Forbes magazine has written, "If Warren's church was a business it would be compared with Dell, Google or Starbucks."




A Time of Departing


How a universal spirituality is changing the face of Christianity.A Time of Departing is a revealing account of a universal spirituality thathas infiltrated much of the Christian church today. This book exposes thesubtle strageties to compromise the gospel message with Eastern mysticalconcepts cloaked under the wrappings of contemplative prayer and the silence.

Is contemplative prayer really a vehicle to a closer walk with God? You maybe very suprised who the prime pawns are in this dangerous deception. C.A.






A Matter of Basic Principles

Bill Gothard and the Christian Life

Don & Joy Vienot & Ron Henzel


Endorsements and reviews:

This is a must read for all thinking believers who wish to protect their churches. - Dr. Jay Adams, Author of Competent to Counsel, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA Bill's teaching on legalism, law, and grace deserves a careful examination. - Dr. Samuel J. Schultz, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, WheatonCollege, Wheaton, IL

These three researchers from Midwest Christian Outreach ... have done a powerful job both in accuracy and fairness. - Jon Trott, Senior Editor, Cornerstone magazine.

Coping with the Cults:

Lorri MacGregor.

 Practical guidelines for Concerned Christians.

An overview of the cults in our society, how to identify them and how to respond to them with Christian love. Extensive list of different cult groupsand what they think of Jesus.




Jehovah -Talk

The Mind Control language of the Jehovah's Witnesses by David Reed

Invaluable for conversations with JW's on a deeper level, because you can check out what they are really saying thanks to a handy index of terms in the book.



Jehovah Witnesses and Mental Illness

Jerry Bergman.

Understanding the mental problems afflicting the JW's because of their aberrant doctrines.



Fast Facts on Jehovah's Witnesses

by John Akerberg and Weldon


Fast Facts on Mormonism

by John Akerberg and Weldon


A Pocket Guide to Islam

by Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz

Timely & informative


Knowing the Truth About

"The Reliability of the Bible"


Ankerberg & Weldon

The Truth about Heaven & Eternity

Ice & Demy:

Deals with all the hard to answer questions. Excellent.




 Was Christ God?

At last an easy to understand book on John 1:1-18. It ends all the arguments and speculations. Truly, "the Word was God".

Spiros Zopdhiates, Th.D.


"White Out" by Dirk Anderson

2001-- Finally, a fully documented book that exposes the secrets surrounding the disappearance of Mrs. White's errant writings! Have you ever wondered why the following have strangely vanished from her writings...

a.. Her failed predictions

b.. Her visions which turned out to be wrong

c.. Health messages that were proven wrong by science

d.. Writings stolen from other authors

e.. And a myriad of other blunders and mistakes


Is Mormonism Christian?

F. McElveen.

An oldie, but a goodie.

A classic on Mormonism that is easy to read and understand.









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