Keith and Lorri MacGregor’s resignation

Keith and Lorri MacGregor’s resignation

Keith and Lorri MacGregor

Keith and Lorri MacGregor

On March 24, 2011 Lorri and Keith MacGregor sent us their intention to go off the MMO ministry boards due to ill health, family pressures to move, and what is best for the ministry.

Heads up email with intention to resign

Dear Richard & Cheryl,

Keith and I wanted to give you a heads up so you can talk things over before we get to Nelson, and then we can get together and make some decisions best for the ministry.  Here is our situation:

1.  Our health.  Two doctors have told me I am at high risk for stroke or another aneurysm and should not be living in an isolated community, but near to trauma facilities.  Keith has a tricky mitral valve that could place him in an emergency situation without warning, and he, too should be near proper medical care.  We love Nelson and all our connections there, but we can’t move Nelson closer!  We had planned on years of dual residency, but recent events have intervened.  Sometimes life is not fair.

2.  We are under pressure from our kids to move here permanently.  Keith feels we should sell our Nelson house.  I have finally agreed that we will put up a “for sale sign by owner” (no agents) and accept whatever the Lord chooses to do.  If our house sells then I will accept it as God’s will that we live permanently at the Coast.  If not, we need to seek God’s will further.  Somehow we have to tidy up this asset while we are still physically able to.

3.  We wonder if all this is fair to you and Richard.  It certainly wasn’t in all our plans!  Perhaps now is the time for Keith and I to resign off the board so you and Richard could find some local replacements you could work with, and receive their steady support.    You mentioned you would like to bring Marlene’s son on board, at least in the USA, so perhaps we should all plan to move in this direction.  What are your thoughts?

4.  The N & V’s is very dear to my heart.  However perhaps you and Richard feel you should take over. If so,  I  would still like to contribute articles, but that would be your choice.  At one time you both felt perhaps the N & V’s should be discontinued.  If you both feel that way, we would need to come up with some good way to wind it up. (refunding subscriptions might pose some problems for cash flow).  Anyway, we can discuss it when we come.  Please pray with us to be in God’s Will in all this.

5.  Keith enjoys his website interaction and ministry and says he  will continue it as long as he is able.    I still have a burden to write scripts and produce more DVDs and this can happen as time and circumstances allow in the future.  Whether or not we are on the board should not matter between friends. We are all committed to the ministry God gave us, no matter what.

Well, that’s about it.  Let us know your thoughts on the above.  We would love to have your input.  See you next week, weather permitting!


Lorri & Keith


Note: Keith and Lorri MacGregor officially resigned on March 31, 2011. Shortly after their resignation, Lorri decided that it was time to discontinue writing for the News & Views so that the work would go on with the next generation. For several years, Richard and Cheryl had been publishing the News & Views from their ministry office in Nelson and so the transition from production team to added responsibilities of writing and the work of chief editor carried on without a hitch.  It is important for all of us to remain faithful in carrying on the work that God has given us to do, and we plan to work hard in ministry for many years to come.  It has been difficult without any local support at all, but God has been good in keeping us passionate and giving us an opportunity to serve Him and the church.

Richard and Cheryl Schatz, and Marlene Mercado


7 thoughts on “Keith and Lorri MacGregor’s resignation

  1. Some time ago I became interested in learning all I could about Jehovah’s Witnesses. It had occured to me that I could learn what not to believe and why and I would be taking care of two things at one time!
    Somehow I learned of Lorri and Keith MacGregor’s ministry and I bought tapes and printed material that has been so valuable in helping me get my head wrapped around the various subjects. I can’t thank you enough for your contribution into my Bible education! I admire anyone who will put themselves out there and take bullets for the truth to be told! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me and countless others.
    Things change and we have to adjust to whatever comes along whether the idea appeals to us at the time or not. I’m pleased that Richard, Cheryl and Marlene are stepping up to accept their place in the ministry. There are so many people looking for answers.
    My best to you all! Hope you are able to happily continue contributing in a way that is pleasing and fullfilling to you knowing you are in His will as you do so.

  2. Thank you Cheryl for those kind words. It is not an easy ministry and the challenges have been huge to continue the work, but we are blessed to serve the Lord and to see the results of our efforts. Thank you for the enouragement. May God bless you and use you with what you have learned. We want lives to be changed for Jesus and for eternity.

  3. Hello!
    If you are doing any printed material (magazine, pamphlets, etc.) or tapes please let me know. I love learning that way and it’s so inspiring to hear stories of victorious escapes!
    When I was a teen our neighbors were Jehovah’s Witnesses. I became friends with two of their kids; Joe and Eleanor. A friend invited us to her class reunion picnic and Joe had been her classmate. We talked and I did find out he left the J.W.s but he didn’t go into great detail. I believe he said something about reading the Bible for himself or something to that effect but didn’t expound.
    In the last few months we’ve hooked up again via Facebook and our classes, though he is younger, get together once a month at a local grill. I am wanting to go now so I can pick his brain! So interested to find out what triggered his desire to ‘look for himself’. It’s always such a pleasure, though the journey may be a bit sad, to know when someone finds the honest truth!!!
    I also have a client who is a J.W. and she’s been a client for almost 27-28 years. I try to say things to her as the spirit leads that might get her brain working instead of following her ‘heart fear’ of losing all the friends she’s made over the years at the Kingdom Hall. I can’t save her; I can only plant seeds. Someone else will water and I trust God for the best!
    Hope all is going well with you all in the ministry! It was so exciting to see an email from you! It would be so nice to get regular updates on the ministrie’s efforts and successes! If there is a resource like that please let me know.
    Bountiful blessings to you all!
    Cheryl Mullen

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